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Handover Inspection at Hendra

Unpainted window sill

We were asked to conduct a Handover Inspection at Hendra. Handover Inspections occur at the phase of a new build or major renovation when the builder is getting ready to hand you the keys.

It’s tempting to take the keys and move in as it’s pretty exciting to finally have your lovely new build or reno. But, patience is a virtue!

Handover Inspection Process

So here’s what happens in the Handover Inspection process. Our highly experienced Building Inspector goes over every aspect of the property. Where he finds any issues, these are photographed and documented in the report.

If there are any areas that need paint touch-ups, he leaves a trail of bright sticky notes so the painter can see the exact areas where to wield his paintbrush.

Issues Uncovered at the Hendra Handover Inspection

There were quite a number of issues our Building Inspector saw at the Hendra Handover Inspection:

  • Damage to Sliding Screen Door
  • Concrete Slurry not cleaned from Steel Post
  • Multiple Paint Touch-ups Required
  • Unpainted Window Sill
  • Roof Needed Cleaning
  • 2 x Cavity Sliding Door Guides were Missing

With the report in hand, the property owner can request that each of these issues be promptly rectified before signing off on the property. After all, you are simply requesting the builder to complete the work to a satisfactory standard as per the contract. It shouldn’t be an issue.

Book a Handover Inspection

If you are getting close to the completion of a new build or major renovation anywhere in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan or Redlands, please call us today on 1300 304 145 to book a Handover Inspection.

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