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At Twinspectors, we always put the very best and most relevant kinds of technology to work for you. This is especially true when it comes to our pest inspections. One of the most troublesome things about detecting pests is that they are so tiny and clever about staying hidden that they can go undetected for years. Poorly equipped inspection companies can easily overlook the presence of termites, ants and other pests. Fortunately at Twinspectors, we have cutting-edge technology at our disposal.

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to a building’s structural integrity. All too often, it’s not detected until it can be seen with the naked eye. By that time, extreme amounts of damage have probably been done. Undetected moisture is a conducive condition to termite activity so detecting moisture or leaks is a vital component to a building and pest inspection. 

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Thermal or infrared technology is conducted through specialised cameras. These cameras are extremely expensive, which is one of the top reasons that many building inspection companies refuse to use them. At Twinspectors, we spare no expense in order to provide the most useful and thorough building inspections. We are happy to use thermal imaging technology as a regular part of our pre-sale, pre-purchase and annual building inspections. In turn, we are able to provide more effective services to our customers.

Moisture detection isn’t the only thing that thermal imaging technology brings to the table. It’s also an invaluable tool in the detection of termites. Termite sub-nests and damage can be detected by these extremely sensitive cameras. Of course, thermal imaging technology alone isn’t enough to perform an adequate building or pest inspection. When it’s used along with other top forms of technology, though, it can dramatically increase an inspector’s accuracy, making it easier for homeowners to follow up with the right repairs and eradication techniques. Having a complete understanding of where a building stands in terms of structural integrity and pest infestations is critical; thermal imaging technology is a priceless tool in producing thorough and meaningful reports.

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