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minimum housing standards inspections
minimum housing standards inspections

Legislation came into effect on September 1, 2023, that all rental properties in Queensland needed to comply with minimum housing standards. This provides surety for the tenant that the property that they are renting will be habitable.

Very tight rental markets have meant some properties were being left substandard and due to lack of availability, tenants felt compelled to accept the property as is.

This new legislation aims to curtail that and ensure new tenants will be moving into a property that meets basic housing standards.


Prior to letting a rental property, a landlord or property manager must organise an inspection of the property by a qualified inspector.

The inspector has a checklist that he ticks off as he is inspecting the property. If the inspector finds issues with the property, these are noted on the checklist and photos are taken. This checklist report and photos are then emailed to the landlord or property manager.

These issues must be addressed before the property can be let.


Here are some examples of what our inspector has seen in rental properties during a minimum housing standards inspection.

  1. Trip hazard. Mind your big toe as you enter this room as you’re bound to trip over the tile! Needless to say, the linoleum is well and truly past its use-by date and should have been replaced ages ago.
trip hazard
Trip Hazard
  1. Water damage in the panelling. Apart from being unsightly, water damage can present issues with mould developing. The spores from mould can cause serious health issues, especially in children, asthmatics, and those with compromised immune systems.
water damaged panelling
Water damaged panelling
  1. Window frame timber rot. Clearly, there has been water leaking over some time so there has been a lack of maintenance. The integrity of the structure has been compromised once again, wet/damp timber can be a source for mould to develop.
window frame timber rot
Window frame timber rot
  1. Rotting timber under a landing. This support beam has had its structural integrity completely comprised.
landing rotting timber
Landing rotting timber


The price for the minimum housing standards inspection checklist ranges from $180 to $250 for a standard-sized home. Larger properties will be priced on application.


To make it easy for you, we service Brisbane, Redlands, Logan City, Gold Coast North, Ipswich, Moreton Bay Region for Minimum Housing Standards Inspections. To book, phone: 1300 304 145.

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