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Technology in Building and Pest Inspections

technology and building and pest Inspections

For us, technology and building and pest inspections go hand in hand. Along with our years of experience, we pack our expensive pieces of kit for all our building and pest inspections. One of these is a Termatrac.

The Termatrac lets us see through walls so to speak through thermal imaging. Why do we need thermal imaging when looking at walls?….TERMITES.

Despite their size, the sheer mass of termites that inhabit a colony generates heat. And they’re hot – 35c! When the meter is above 35 degrees it means the presence of termites.

Detecting a possum in the roof cavity

In the photo, the meter on the thermal image is showing 26.1c. If you’re thinking the termites have just had a cold shower, it was in fact reading the thermal mass of a possum.

Whilst we detect the existence of a possum using the roof cavity as its home, we’re not the company that does the eviction. There are specialist possum catchers who carefully remove and relocate possums.

If we detect a thermal mass of 35c and above, we know exactly where we need to investigate further and see how much damage has been done.

Maintenance of the Technology

Being an expensive and sensitive piece of equipment, we keep the Termatrac maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Also, we are trained and certified by the manufacturer that we are competent in using the equipment.

Thorough Building and Pest Inspection

We know you want a thorough building and pest inspection. Then why not engage a company that believes technology and building and pest inspections go hand in hand. Also, we believe that to provide the most thorough building and pest inspection, we send TWO inspectors – one for the building and one for the pest. Two are always better than one!

If you are looking for a Building and Pest Inspection whether it be for a pre-sale, pre-purchase or regular house maintenance inspection conducted by two inspectors who are highly experienced using state-of-the-art technology, then please call us today: 1300 301 145. Also, you are welcome to book a Building & Pest Inspection today online any time convenient to you.

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