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What sets Twinspectors apart is that we send TWO inspectors on site

One specifically for the Building and one for the Pest. Both are highly experienced and qualified.

Two are always better than one! Our Pest Inspectors are working in the pest control industry on a daily basis in our sister company, Defence Pest Management. Their knowledge of pest issues far outweighs that of a builder who has obtained a pest control license without having worked in the industry. The result: You get the most thorough Building and Pest Inspection on the market!

Buying or owning a property is probably going to be your biggest investment. You want to make sure your investment is sound, right? Here’s where we help you: We provide:

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Hi-Tech Inspection Equipment

The very best and most relevant kinds of technology working for you

At Twinspectors, we always put the very best and most relevant kinds of technology to work for you. This is especially true when it comes to our pest inspections. One of the most troublesome things about detecting pests is that they are so tiny and clever about staying hidden that they can go undetected for years. Poorly equipped inspection companies can easily overlook the presence of termites, decay and other timber pests. Fortunately at Twinspectors, we have cutting-edge technology at our disposal.

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Debbi Tippett
Debbi Tippett
Twinspectors were great. Their Building report saved me from making a huge mistake with a property purchase. Despite being present at the time of inspection, I failed to notice several defaults that Dave pointed out to me on-site, and which were included in his written report accompanied by photographs. The Pest inspectors were also happy to explain what they were seeing and to educate me on what to look for. I used Twinspectors again with a subsequent property purchase, as I felt they were trustworthy, professional and very nice to deal with (including the office staff)
Kerrie Lucy
Kerrie Lucy
I found twin inspectors fantastic, very thorough and very professional. Their reports showed a lot of detail, and it was explained very well. They were on time and were very happy to answer any questions about the property. I would definitely recommend this service. The best above all 🙂
David Marriott
David Marriott
Hi Sue Thanks very much for the prompt and professional service by you and your TwinSpectors team. The quality of the reports is excellent. I will stay in contact re: a pest treatment for future times, as the property was only recently treated. Thanks for the offer. Good business that we will support.
charlie wu
charlie wu
Because I was urgently in need of a home inspection and couldn't find a suitable inspector, a friend recommended Twinspectors. They were very friendly and communicative. Sue, in particular, helped arrange for inspectors to conduct the examination the next afternoon. I'm grateful to Sue for that. Inspectors David and Nicolas were highly professional, efficiently examining both the building and pest aspects. They promptly informed me of any issues and even provided the inspection report on the same day. Many thanks to them!
Jason Hamilton
Jason Hamilton
This team was fantastic to deal with, between Tristy and the team that did the Building and Pest report. It was so easy!. The report was very in depth and gave me great insight on the property.
Colin Prosser
Colin Prosser
Had the team inspect house prepurchase. Very thorough and professional. Absolutely brilliant service. Highly recommend them.
Callie Stokes
Callie Stokes
Very happy with the standard of service and very professional.