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Frequently asked questions.

It will take 45 mins to 1.5 hours depending on the type and size of the property.

This is a visual inspection but we are looking for structural issues that maybe expensive to repair. We look at the subfloor and ceiling space for the integrity of the building. We check for any water leaks and advise accordingly. We aren't commenting on superficial, wear and tear or general maintenance issues as these things should be obvious to the naked eye. It is the things that you may not be able to see and could cost you money down the track. The pest inspection is checking for the presence of termites both active and the damage they may have caused. They are also looking for evidence of previous termite treatments that have been carried out. The inspector is also checking for wood rot and wood decay both within the property and the surrounding structures in the yard, like fences or retaining walls.


We can tell you if we think there is asbestos present but if you want a definitive answer and advice, you need to call an asbestos inspector/tester.

Very experienced with over 40 years of experience for the builder and over 30 years for our pest inspectors.

Once we receive payment or proof of payment the reports are emailed within hours of inspection being completed.

Yes, we liaise directly with the agent once we have agreed on an inspection time.

Yes! In fact, we encourage people to attend. The inspectors can answer any questions you may have and explain any issues they may have come across.

The inspectors names and numbers are on the last page of each report and welcome a discussion about any findings within the report.

Our company services mainly the greater Brisbane area which includes Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay Region, Redlands, and Gold Coast (north).

As we liaise with the agent, they will issue an entry notice or organise directly with the tenant to gain access at an agreed time.

If safe to do so, we will access the roof to ensure its integrity is intact. As the inspectors enter the roof space, they can see from there any cracks or leaks through the roof.

Our cost vary from $420 for a small unit to $565 for a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom property. If the property is larger than this, the price varies accordingly. We do have an online price calculator which will give an exact price specific to the property size you want inspected. It takes less than a minute to complete. Click here for your Inspection Price.

Two Inspectors will provide the most thorough building and pest inspection on the market. We have one inspector dedicated to the building aspect and one for the pest aspect. Our pest inspector is working daily in the pest control industry so he has extensive professional experience regarding pest issues. Many building inspectors have a pest control licence so they can sign off on a pest inspection too but haven’t worked in the industry. As a real estate purchase is such a significant investment, you need the most thorough building and pest inspection so you are made aware of any issues with the property.

❔ If you have any other questions please contact us because we’d be happy to help.