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What is a Handover Inspection?

Ensure your getting a quality built home.

Before the homeowner is given the keys to their newly built home and cracks open a bottle of champagne, an inspection needs to take place once the building work has been completed. Usually, the building supervisor will take you through the home to check all has been completed to your satisfaction. This is where it’s ideal to have an experienced Building Inspector on your side during this inspection time.

Get an Independent Inspection

Ensure your getting a quality built home.

A practical completion inspection is also known as a handover inspection and is the final stage in the construction process. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure the house has been built to industry standards.

Getting our inspector for your practical completion inspection will give you valuable independent information to ensure your getting a quality built home. Our inspectors are qualified and very experienced builders who know what to look for. We believe in most cases this gives you the best chance to discover issues and have them corrected before the final handover.

Your handover inspection report can then be handed to the builder for rectification before you take possession of the property. This ensures you are getting a quality-built home without imperfections.

All homeowners should employ an independent handover inspector to ensure the work has been carried out to the standard required. Twinspectors offer this service and will ensure all defects are noted for your builder to rectify.

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david donnan building inspector
David Donnan - Building Inspector

When Should I Book My Handover Inspection

Best to get two inspections.

There are two key stages in a building for an inspection to be carried out. One at the frame stage so we can inspect all of the structural elements of the building. The other stage is just before completion. This final stage is usually about 2 weeks before handover. This gives your builder time to fix anything that comes up in the inspection. 

Handover inspections are always guided by the building supervisor on site. They will dictate when the inspection is ready to take place and we’ll meet them on site.

While we’d recommend the two inspections we initially give you a price for only the handover inspection so please let us know if you’d like to add the frame stage inspection as well.

when to book handover inspection

Inspection Reports for Handover Builds & Renovations

Done by an independent qualified experienced builder.

What We Look For

What to Expect

A Practical Completion Inspection involves every aspect of the building inside and out including paths, landscaping, retaining walls and fences checked. Our reports are incredibly detailed and even the most minor of defects are noted. As a result, the Practical Completion Inspection Report becomes a substantial document covering about 30 pages.

Our Inspector leaves a trail of sticky notes throughout the property of what defects he has found. Every sticky note location is photographed and included in the report. Bright sticky notes make it a great visual for the builder to come in and see what needs to be rectified.

The defects can include:
    • Paint
    • Tile cracks
    • Tiles that need cleaning
    • Scratches
    • Brick Walls Needing an Acid Wash
    • Driveway and Path Cracks
    • Brickwork Cracks
Areas That are Checked:
    • Roof Void
    • Subfloor (if there is one)
    • Presence of smoke detectors and air conditioning.
    • All doors close and all handles work properly
    • All lights work
    • Any plumbing leaks and the water flows in the correct direction
    • Landscaping and noting whether it is done or incomplete
    • Letterbox
    • Retaining walls, fences and gates
    • Rainwater Tanks
    • Cleanliness of the premise
    • Smoke Alarms – sighted but not checked
Warranties that the Builder should provide are included  – The builder should generally provide the following to the owner or owner’s agent at the handover stage:
    • Final Certification/Occupation Certificate from Certifier/Council.
    • Gas/Plumbing compliance certificate/s
    • Electrical/Smoke Alarms compliance certificate/s
    • Practical Completion certificate which includes a Defects Document regarding the Defects Liability and
      Warranty Period including the expiry date.
    • Home Warranty Insurance certificate
    • Certification and relevant information regarding Termite Management System
    • User Manuals for all appliances and installations
    • Remote controls for garage
    • Keys to the property