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Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection Boondall 4034

pre-purchase building pest inspection Boondall 4034

Now here’s an interesting story. Our client was looking to buy a property at Boondall. He noticed some termite damage so he called us to arrange a building and pest inspection.

Our client was right – there was termite damage. Through using hi-tech equipment that can detect the presence of termites behind walls, our trained pest inspector discovered it was an active termite infestation. The termites had caused damage to a bedroom cupboard frame, skirting board and architrave in that bedroom.

termites in house
Termites in the House
termites twinspectors

Termites in the House

The seller was distressed as they had no idea there were termites in the house. Of course, they were concerned the sales contract for their house would fall through. They didn’t know who to contact or how to get the termites treated.

This is where we came into our own. Our sister company, Defence Pest Management provided the trained pest inspector who is part of the duo for every building and pest inspection. There was a pest control technician right there on the spot with all of his termite control kit.

Termite Control

Because the seller was not our client, our point of contact was the real estate agent. We advised the agent we could treat the termites on the spot. After the agent had a quick chat with the seller, our technician was able to carry out the termite control there and then!

What seemed like an overwhelming issue for the seller got resolved within an hour. The pest inspector was able to explain to the buyer and seller the extent of the termite infestation and how it would be treated. Buyer and seller had their fears and concerns relieved.

Having a termite infestation is not what any buyer or seller wants to deal with but with a professional pest inspector/technician on hand, he was able to put that matter in the right perspective. A termite infestation doesn’t have to see a real estate sales contract cancelled.

The seller paid for the termite remediation work.

termite control
Termite Control

Benefits of Using Twinspectors for a Pre-Purchase Inspection

This is just one of the benefits of dealing with Twinspectors – the building and pest inspection company that sends TWO inspectors to every pre-purchase inspection. Having a trained pest inspector who is actively working in the pest control industry attend every building and pest inspection is a key benefit.

This example of the property at Boondall having a live termite infestation shows how we got this resolved quickly, without issue for the buyer and seller who were able to proceed with the real estate sales contract.

Book a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

You can be assured when you book a pre-purchase building and pest inspection with Twinspectors that TWO inspectors will arrive at the property. If an unforeseen incident occurs where the pest inspector detects active termites, he can treat the termites immediately.

The pest inspector will give a complete assessment of the termite issue and the treatment plan to both the buyer and seller.

To obtain a building and pest inspection quote in under two minutes in Boondall or anywhere in Brisbane, Redlands, Logan, or Ipswich, please complete our online form at any time convenient for you. If you are happy with the quote, simply request a booking. It’s quick and easy to book a thorough building and pest inspection.

Of course, you are welcome to phone us during business hours at 1300 304 145.

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