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rental property inspections minimum housing standards
rental property inspections minimum housing standards

Rental property inspections by a qualified inspector prior to occupancy are now mandatory for all rental properties in Queensland coming up for new tenancies.

This legislation came into effect on 1 September 2023 to ensure rental properties complied with Minimum Housing Standards determined by the Government. The onus is on the Landlord and or Property Manager to provide a rental property that meets the minimum requirements for occupancy.

Not only will this provide the tenant with security about the property but provides clarity on the maintenance issues for the property manager and owner.

Any defects uncovered must be remedied before the property can be let.

david donnan building inspector
Rental Property Inspector: David Donnan


Many real estate agencies which employ a property manager to run their property management division have contacted us to conduct these inspections. The legislation is very exact on what the minimum housing requirements are so we have created a checklist. Thus our inspectors can consistently and thoroughly check all aspects of the property as required by the legislation.

Once the inspection has been completed, we email this checklist to the property manager. If needed we will attach photos to verify any defects we may have seen.

By and large, the rental properties we have inspected have met the minimum housing standards requirements. However, some have not.


We have found a range of issues that have lead to a property failing the minimum housing standards. One property failed an inspection by not having window coverings. A tenant is entitled to privacy from neighbours. After all, a rental property is their ‘home’ whilst they live there.

Window treatments are an easy fix and can be inexpensive as some big brand businesses stock ready made curtains, blinds and tracking that can be easily installed.

no window coverings

No Window Coverings – failed Minimum Housing Standards

Some of the more concerning issues we uncovered were dangerous balustrades and decks.

dangerous ballustrade deck

Dangerous Balustrades and Deck – failed Minimum Housing Standards

From a health perspective, rodent droppings and ceiling mould were very unpleasant discoveries. We were pleased this legislation is now a thing as properties can only be let once the property has had the rodents eradicated and mould thoroughly cleaned.

rodent droppings

Rodent Droppings – failed Minimum Housing Standards

mould on ceiling

Mould on Ceiling – failed Minimum Housing Standards


The price for the minimum housing standards inspection checklist ranges from $180 for a unit to $250 for a standard-sized home. Larger properties will be priced on application.


We service all of Brisbane, Moreton Bay Region, Redlands, Ipswich, Logan City, and Gold Coast North. So if you have rental properties in a host of locations, we can take care of all the inspections.

Simply call us on 1300 304 145 to book an inspection. We will confirm the price for the inspection when you call.

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