What You Need to Know About Home Extensions and Renovations

There are many reasons for adding an extension or renovating your home – a growing family, for an entertainment area, an office or you just need more space. Whatever the reason, whether you are adding an extension or renovating to make the place look more enticing and pleasant, you should check with you local council on what requirements you will need to gain building approval. Planning ahead will allow you to make sure you are doing the job safely and are not having a detrimental effect on your neighbours or the environment. If you are using a builder to do the job, then he will be able to do all this.

Building and Pest Inspection Before Renovation – Necessary!

There are a few things that need to be done first, including having a building and pest inspections professional inspect your premises for any problems that may need to be addressed before you can add an extension or start renovating. Once this has been taken care of your builder will get the building approval. Building approval means that the building is structurally sound and is obtained through a certified builder.

Important in Securing a Planning Approval

Planning approval can be obtained through your local council and this ensures that the extension is not going to be an eyesore but will compliment the existing streetscape and not impact negatively on your surrounding neighbourhood or the environment. Extending your home is a big job, so unless you are an experienced builder it is better to pay a qualified builder to do the job for you. That way you can be guaranteed of gaining building approval, as a qualified builder will know all the things that are needed to get the council approval that is needed before commencing the job.

Having a building and pest inspection professional carry out an inspection on your home is a good starting point. From there you can discuss with the builder what needs to be done from start to completion of your project. Having a qualified builder undertake your project will take away the complications that could arise from doing it yourself and will lower your stress levels. It will also leave you with the time to do the things you want to do.

So if you are planning any type of extension or renovations, always check with your council about the requirements, have the place inspected for structural soundness and pests and have a certified builder to help you with the project. That way you will know it is done correctly and professionally.