Water Can Damage Your Property

Water, although it looks benign, can actually cause a lot of structural damage to a building if not found and fixed in time. Over the last few years, the storms around Brisbane city have gotten worse and are doing a lot more damage. Roofs and other such structural items are put at risk during these storms, so its important to keep up proper maintenance and regular inspections to make sure there is no water damage from the storms. Regular inspections and good maintenance can save you thousands of dollars on repair bills, especially if your insurance does not cover storm or water damage. Our homes are our havens, so it is important to maintain them properly, so that we have them for years to come and don’t have them falling down around us.

It’s not just the roof that can have leaks. Plumbing to kitchen and bathroom areas, hose fittings, hot water system and also laundry areas, all of this type of plumbing goes through our interior walls where we can’t see what is going on. This type of water damage is hard to spot if you don’t know what to look for. Some signs of water penetration are quite easy to see, things such as stained ceilings which is one of the easiest signs to spot. Some signs aren’t that obvious if it isn’t raining but there are things you can look at to indicate any signs of water damage. A white powdered trail is another sign of possible water damage or penetration. Checking your roof for signs of rust or decay in the metal or small holes is also a good indication of possible water damage. To make sure that your interior plumbing isn’t leaking its always good to get a professional Brisbane building inspection carried out.

Brisbane building inspectors can check for signs of water damage that may not be that obvious to us. As trained professionals they have the ability to spot these problems and advise us of the steps that need to be taken to rectify the problem. If water damage is found then they can steer you towards the right tradesmen that are able to fix the leaks and repair any structural damage. Having regular inspections and also checking for signs of water penetration or damage yourself is a good thing to do to protect your investment. So save yourself a small fortune today and have your home inspected.