Top Reasons to Have a Building Inspection


Building inspection is one vital move that home buyers need to consider being inking a deal with the seller. A huge amount of money is involved in purchasing real estate, so the decision to buy must have a very good basis. Building inspection is a precautionary move that will help the buyer make that very important decision.

Twinspectors provides invaluable building inspections that will satisfy the requirements of potential real estate property buyers. Here are the top reasons why every buyer should always have a building inspection conducted first.

Having a Way Out

The building inspection can reveal much information about the property that is not readily seen by simply touring the unit. If the inspection report is not to the liking of the buyer, they can back out of the agreement. By having the inspection done early on, it is never too late for the buyer to take the way out.

Loan Consideration

Building inspection is not a requirement by the financial institution. But it can help improve the chances of a home loan being approved if the property is deemed in good condition, based on the inspection report.

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is very important to ensure the safety of the people who will use the space. The safety of the building can be determined with a building inspection, which will check for any structural defects and any other potentially dangerous damage.

Negotiating Leverage

The buyer can use the building inspection report as a basis for negotiation. The potential buyer can demand that repairs be done first before signing the deal. It can also be a negotiating leverage that the buyer can use to ask for a lower price for the property.

Investment Protection

A property purchase involves big money and if the buyer is not careful enough, the investment can end up for naught. Building inspection will aid the buyer in making sure that the money will not be wasted on a property that is worth less than it should be.


The buyer should also consider the requirements of insurance companies. These companies are not likely to insure a property that is not structurally sound. A positive building inspection report will give the buyer a better chance of obtaining insurance for the property.

Building inspection is an important step in the purchase of a property. Twinspectors can provide top quality pest and building inspection to help the buyer make an important decision. To learn more about the company’s professional services, go to