Tips For A Child-Friendly Property

Your home is the place for keeping the entire family comfortable and protected. Especially for the little ones, it is where they spend most of their time – playing in the living room, running around the backyard, helping mum in the kitchen. This makes it very important that your house is always clean and well-maintained. Ignoring damages and leaving the place too cluttered and untidy can be hazardous to both your child’s health and safety.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that necessary steps are taken so that children get to enjoy a clean surrounding and a safe environment both for play and rest. Here are some of the tips that we share with our clients at Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections about keeping homes safe for the little ones:

Avoiding Falls

Children are energetic individuals and it is most likely that they will be constantly on the move, even jumping and running around the house. For this reason, always pay attention to the surfaces around your home; make sure that there aren’t chipped tiles or damaged floorboards that may cause injury.

Windows should be properly locked, especially windows in the upper floors. Window screens can be used to prevent access, and latches can be installed to prevent the windows from being opened completely. Furniture, pots and other objects should be kept away from windows to avoid children from using them to climb up the windows.

Electrical Safety

Electrical wires and cords must be properly secured to avoid children from tripping or playing with them. Any worn cords should be replaced and damaged electrical wires should be repaired.

A socket must not be easily accessible to children as it can cause electrocution if they accidentally play with it and insert their finger or other objects into the socket.

Safety in the Bathroom

Take care that children don’t play or run inside the bathroom, especially when the floor is slippery as this can cause accidents. If you are cleaning the bathroom and using chemicals, make sure your child is unable to enter the area without your supervision. Installation of safety taps that children can’t turn on is ideal, otherwise, hot and cold taps should be labelled accordingly.

Exposure to Pests and Allergens

If your child has allergies, be careful with the allergens that can be found in your surroundings. For seasonal allergies, close your windows and prevent children from going outside where they may have increased exposure to pollen.

Have your home inspected and treated for pest infestations, such as bird mites, cockroaches, termites and cockroaches that could cause illnesses and compromise the health of your children and the entire family.

Other Precautions

  • Do not leave chemical products lying around. Any substances and items that can cause health hazards should be kept secured and out of reach.
  • Smoke detectors must be installed for general safety purposes.
  • If you have a pool inside your property, be sure that you are strictly complying with the safety laws regarding the construction and ownership of a pool.

You can also have our team from Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections assist you with pool inspections and other building regulations that need to be followed to ensure the safety of your children.