Things To Consider Before Building A Pool

A swimming pool is perhaps one of the most exciting additions to your property. Especially during the warmer months, what fun it would be to just go out into your backyard and have a cool splash? Exciting, isn’t it? Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many property owners often inquire from our staff at Twinspectors about the requirements of building a pool.

However, if you are planning to have a pool built, know that there are considerations you have to make. Here’s a checklist of the things you need to keep in mind when planning to build a pool:

Why Are You Building A Pool?

For any building or structure – including pools – the function is the most important point to think about when planning your design. Ask yourself, what purpose will your pool serve? Is it for the children to enjoy their weekends? A place to keep the family physically active? An area for hosting parties and entertainment?

Once you have figured this out, then you can determine where the pool will be best located, as well as its dimensions and its possible overall look. As the modern architectural principle says, “form follows function”, so always consider why you are building a pool before everything else.

How Big Should It Be?

When you’ve considered how often your pool is going to be used, who will use it and where it will be built, then you will have an idea of how big it will be. Not all pools need to be so big to make it look elegant – in many cases, smaller pools look more inviting.

Keeping the Design in Style

Perhaps the most challenging part for property owners when it comes to building a pool is the style of design that they will adapt. The first thing you need to think about when it comes to considering the design is how the pool area will match or complement the overall design of your home.

You may also want to think about how your pool blends with your landscape design, especially when it is located outdoors.

Queensland Pool Safety Law

Like all structures, property owners should know that there are requirements and regulations when it comes to owning a pool. Regardless of whether it is a public facility or a privately-owned pool, the state has put policies in place, which need to be met in order for a property owner to obtain a pool safety certificate.

The regulations touch on the use of signs, proper fencing and gates. A pool inspection will be conducted by a licenced inspector before a safety certificate is released. If you require help on pool inspection and in determining what the requirements are for operating a pool facility, Twinspectors has licenced inspectors who can assist you.