The Importance of Pre-sale Inspections

property inspector holding a clipboard

Imagine buying or investing in a property only to find that it was full of termites or had structural damage. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy a property that had already had a pre-sale inspection that had passed with flying colours? For home owners wanting to sell their property, it is important to have a building, pest and pool pre-sale inspections professional to check your home over and give it the all clear. Not only will it give potential buyers peace of mind, it will give you a better chance of selling it quicker than a home that hasn’t had any pre-sale inspection carried out on it.

Having a building and pest inspections professional in Brisbane carry out a thorough pre-sale inspection on your property is important, not just for yourself, but for potential buyers as well. Knowing that a home is more solid and secure as well as pest free is a bonus. If your home has a pool, then obtaining a pool safety certificate will be an even better step towards selling your home, knowing that your pool is in compliance with the new pool safety regulations that were brought in on December 1st, 2010.

A pre-sale inspection can find any problems, which can be fixed before the sale of your home. When a potential buyer finds problems with a home through an inspection, they have the right to demand that these are fixed before the sale goes through, otherwise they can back out of the deal which will lose you the sale. It is always wise to have a pre-sale inspection done and have any problems fixed in order to avoid losing the sale. When you are looking at selling your home, these are all things that you need to take into consideration in order to make sure you successfully sell your home.

There are many things they look for when doing a pre-sale building and pest inspection in Brisbane, such as leaky pipes, shoddy splash backs, poor ventilation, cracked toilet pans, rotting fences, signs of water penetration through walls. All of these things mentioned are just a small part of an inspection. There are many different things that they look at including structural damage or incorrect building such as misaligned door frames among other things such as window frames.

So if you are looking at selling your home and would like the advantage over other homes for sale in your area, then having a pre-sale inspection done on your home will give you that advantage, especially if your home passes with flying colours.