The Benefit Of Annual House Inspections

Our homes are one of our most valuable assets and we do our best to protect them by doing the right thing in installing smoke alarms, and placing fire extinguishers and fire blankets in specific areas where they can be easily reached in an emergency. As well as doing this we make sure we have the property well insured to cover any eventuality, from fire to natural disasters. We also make sure our contents are insured as the cost of replacing these assets would be quite considerable. With coverage on house and contents that also includes clauses protecting us against theft and vandalism, we have almost complete protection.

By adding security features such as double deadlocks on doors and screens, having security screens on windows, and owning a dog, our insurance costs can cost us less. But there are other ways of protecting our property that so far have not been mentioned and that is ‘pest and building inspections.’ These are mostly done prior to buying a home, but from that time on circumstances can change, so regular annual inspections should be carried out. Don’t be put off because they incur a fee; whatever the fee, it will definitely be a whole lot less than having repairs carried out after the damage has been done. A pest inspection done on a regular basis will identify problems before they get out of hand, saving you money and the inconvenience of moving out temporarily until repairs have been finalised.

Termites are not the only problem for some homes, especially older styles that have been built on wooden stumps. It pays to have building inspections done in these cases too, to make sure there are no stumps suffering wood rot, as well as the outer boards and window frames of the home. These problems are typical in many of the older homes. The roof of a home could be another problem identified during an inspection, as over time roof sheeting can be loosened by the force of strong winds in storms. The next big storm could see your roof lifted off leaving you with internal damage to the home as well.

Once you realize regular building and pest inspections are worth having, contact reliable professionals to carry them out, and having needed work done early before the needed repairs become an expensive burden. This way you are not only protecting your home, but you are also protecting your finances as well, and in today’s economic climate, every dollar counts.