The Advantages of Thermal Imaging Technology

To help us efficiently determine possible termite activities in your home, Twinspectors makes use of thermal imaging technology for property inspections.

What is Thermal Imaging Technology?

Thermal imaging technology is one of the most up-to-date methods when it comes to effectively identifying water leaks, electrical problems and infestations that are not immediately seen by the naked eye. A thermal imaging camera is used to scan walls and other surfaces for variations in temperature, so there is no need to break the surfaces and areas of your property unless further investigation is necessary for confirming infestation.

Why We Use Thermal Imaging Technology

Non-invasive and Non-intrusive

Thermal imaging cameras allow our technicians to determine problem areas in your property without disturbing walls or removing ceilings and other concealed areas. This means that we reduce the possibility of damaging parts of a building that are not actually pest infested.

Chemical-free and Environmentally Friendly

Although the technology detects infrared radiation, the thermal imaging camera does not emit radiation itself. In addition, it is a chemical-free method that is safe to use whether inside or outside a building. It can be used for detecting termite activities in timber structures and outdoor surfaces, as well as trees.

Efficient Way to Scan for Pest Infestations

The problem with termites is they can build their nests even within walls and other areas that are not easily accessible, making them impossible to be detected during visual inspections. With the thermal imaging technology, however, they can be tracked down by simply pointing the camera to a surface and allowing the equipment to scan for any differences in temperature.

This method can also help determine risk areas, so the problem can be addressed even before an infestation or the damage occurs.

Detecting Termite Nests with a Thermal Imaging Camera

In terms of pest infestations, the thermal imaging camera is used when inspecting a property for termite activities. It is the nature of termites to create a temperature within their nest that is hotter than their surroundings. The use of thermal imaging technology makes it easier for inspectors to locate these areas in a property through detection of temperature variations.

Once the problem areas have been identified, further inspection will be conducted to confirm infestation and recommendations to address the problem will be provided by the inspector.

The equipment used for thermal imaging is expensive though, which is the reason why only a number of property inspectors make use of this technology. At Twinspectors, however, we don’t let the price of the equipment hinder us from providing our clients an outstanding and reliable service.