Soundproofing Adds to the Comfort of Living

Purchasing or leasing out properties involves a number of procedures and inspections to ensure that the building meets the desired minimum standards. One thing that is checked during Brisbane building inspection is the quality of soundproofing used in the building. High levels of noise pollution can impair hearing and cause other health concerns. This is why a careful inspection is to be made to check whether adequate soundproofing is made or not. This is also considered important for a more comfortable and enjoyable residential living as it blocks all excessive and unwanted noise from outside to enter the interiors.

There are a number of things that are considered to make a home more comfortable. Sound insulation is one of them. This is more efficiently done when the home is under construction but can also be an added feature later. There are a number of techniques to make the home more soundproof.

  • Design your home in such a way that the doors opening in the corridors are not directly opposite to each other. This will minimize the transfer of sound through open doors.
  • Increase the thickness of interior walls (2 x 6 plates) and equalize all the wall studs to decrease sound transfer through the walls.
  • Before the walls are sealed with drywall, put fibreglass insulation into the empty interior walls.
  • Hang soundproof wall sheet over the framing under the drywall.
  • Double or triple glazed vinyl windows provide good insulation from noise.

The use home theatres have become quite popular. Sound insulation plays an important role in giving the best quality to the home theatre. To achieve good sound insulation in home theater room, the most important thing is to use specially designed acoustic products such as drywall and acoustic insulation acoustic ceiling tiles. A plush carpet not only gives a sense of luxury, but also helps to stop the sound to travel out of the room. Heavy window coverings also enable the keep the sound inside through absorption.

Noisy neighbour, loud televisions and radios, and high traffic volumes are some of the distinctive noise pollutants that periodically assault our homes when we are trying to relax after a stressful day. Proper installation of any sound rated wall or ceiling structure requires the structure to be installed in such a way that makes it sealed from one side to the other. So it is important to consult the Brisbane building inspectors to provide you with the best inspection and guidance on soundproofing your home.