Safeguarding our Children Around Pools

Our children are important therefore their safety is also important. That is why, as of December 1st, new pool safety laws will come into effect. The most common cause of death and injuries in young children is water related, making it doubly important to safeguard our children. If you are a pool owner then common sense and reason must prevail. If you own a pool then you must be in compliance with pool safety laws and regulations. The only exemptions allowed are disability exemptions. No other exemptions will be allowed.

With the new laws in place, you must obtain a pool safety compliance certificate. To obtain this, an accredited inspector must be engaged to check that your pool is in compliance with the new safety laws. If your pool is in compliance then the inspector can issue a compliance certificate. If it is not in compliance with the new laws, then the non-compliance certificate must have on it the reason it is not in compliance. Either way you must also be registered with the Pool Safety Register. These new laws are necessary to protect our children. Being a responsible pool owner is important and it is necessary to get a pool safety inspector in to have your pool inspected in order to be issued with a safety compliance certificate. Anyone selling a home or renting out a home must have one of these certificates if there is a pool on the premises. There is no getting around these new pool laws, they are in place for good reason and must be adhered to.

A safety inspector must be trained. There are thorough courses available that teach them what to look for and about the new laws. Inspectors completing pool fence inspections must be qualified before they can issue compliance certificates. Qualified Brisbane building inspectors are available now to come out and inspect your pool and make sure it complies with the new laws. If your pool fence requires repairs then the inspectors can refer you to an accredited firm that may be of assistance. It’s a good idea to hire a professional to make sure your pool is in compliance. If you don’t then it could end up costing you more then you had bargained for. Not being in compliance with the law could land you with a big fine. So do yourself a favor and make sure you are in compliance with these new laws.