Protect Yourself from when Mother Nature Strikes

We all know that Mother Nature in Australia can have quite a temper – she gives us beautiful sunny weather for the most part but, at times, it may seem as though she wants to wash us off the face of the earth. Make sure that you prepare yourself well for the upcoming storm season and you will be able to minimise the damage to your home.

First and foremost is to make sure that your house is structurally sound – the leading cause of structure failure is termite or moisture damage and there are often few external signs of this damage. If you are not doing so already, make sure to get Pest inspection in Gold Coast or Brisbane experts out to your home at least once a year to do a proper check for moisture damage and pest infestation. Professionals know how to look for signs that we miss and also have special equipment that allows them to pick up problem areas that the eye cannot see. It makes sense to seal off any damp before the storm season starts in earnest and also to pick up any problems before they get too firmly rooted. Eradication of pests or the repair of water damage is always a lot easier if done early on.

You should also take a quick walk around your property. Look for any trees that look unsteady or that have branches that could fall and endanger your house. Get rid of these before the storm season start. Make sure that your gutters have been cleaned out and that they are in good repair. Check that water can run off away from the house without pooling around it. Check all doors and windows and make sure that these are in good order. Wooden doors must be properly sealed to protect them from moisture and this has to be done every few years to keep the door in tip top shape. If a door is not properly sealed, moisture could get in during storm season and you will find that the door swells.

When it comes to windows, you need to ensure that the glass is still firmly in place in the window – if it is not then you are going to have to repair it before the storms start. Loose windows are more at risk of breaking during a storm. Make sure that all the mechanics of the window are working properly and that the window shuts properly. It is a good idea to have a Gold Coast building inspection expert out to have a look.

Explain to them that you are storm-proofing your house and ask them what you should look out for. They are experts on the structural integrity of a house and so should be able to help you out nicely.