Proper Ventilation In Your Home Can Cut Down Your Expenses

Proper ventilation is a necessary aspect in keeping your home a comfortable place to live in. But apart from comfort, ventilation can have a significant impact on your family’s health and even the expenses you will be spending on your property. Most of the time though, property owners are unaware of how poor ventilation can affect their day to day lives.

Problems Can Arise Due to Poor Ventilation

In many cases, if a property has structural problems and damages, it is easier to pinpoint the issue to the most obvious causes – such as a leaking pipe or a cracked fixture. Yet, the problems with ventilation can be left unnoticed. Which is why at Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections, we pay attention to how well an area is ventilated, to help you avoid other problems such as:

Growth of Mould and Mildew

The air can carry spores that grow into moulds. If an area is not well-ventilated and provides the right environment for mould growth (including moisture and the ideal temperature), then in no time you may find that moulds are everywhere. And because mould spores can move by air, this allows the spread of moulds in other areas of the house.

Forming of Rust

Rust can form on steel, such as beams, pipe work and steel frames, with the presence of air and moisture. Although you can address the problem by removing rust on the object itself or replacing the materials used, proper ventilation can prevent these problems from even starting.

Lingering Odour

It is often easier to grab a canister of air freshener from the grocery store to solve odour problems. But if you are able to get to the root of the problem, then it would be a better and lasting solution.

The spread of odour in your home is usually encouraged by poor ventilation, since the air particles carrying the odour are trapped. If your property allows air to easily move in and out of an area, then the odour problems will go away (considering you have also removed the cause of the odour).

Increased Cost in Air Conditioning

If an artificially-ventilated area is not completely sealed, the leak can cause your air conditioning unit to work harder. In turn, this will result in higher expenses and a shorter lifespan of your equipment.

Health Problems

Respiratory problems can often be caused by lack of ventilation, and the ventilation in your property has a role in this. In the same manner, poor ventilation can cause diseases to spread more quickly among your family members.

Identifying Poor Ventilation

Generally, you will know that an area in your home is not well ventilated when there isn’t enough air coming inside, or if the air comes in but there is no exit to allow the breeze to move smoothly. On the other hand, there are ventilation issues that are not easily determined unless a complete property inspection is made.

If you need assistance in identifying ventilation issues in your property, our two-man team at Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections can check for ventilation problems in the bathroom, kitchen, living area and other spaces of your home.