Preventative Maintenance can Save you Loads of Cash

When it comes to routine maintenance to our homes, a lot of us are guilty of waiting until there is an emergency situation and dealing with it then. Few people spend time on actual preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance can be a schlep; in today’s busy society, most of us can think of much better ways to spend our time. The problem is that ignoring preventative maintenance can lead to an expensive problem down the road.

Letting the Grass Grow Under your Feet

Take mowing the lawn, for example. It is a real pain but, if you skip it for a few weeks, your yard can become like a mini-jungle, teaming with dangerous creatures. It’s also not very aesthetically pleasing, which is why we generally do something about it.

Maintenance inside the house is more likely to be left to slide. You might fix the odd leaky washer but how often do you examine the small hidden spaces of your home? Who knows what’s lurking in the accumulated dust and dirt there?

Regular Inspections are Vital

The good news is that you can have regular building and pest inspections conducted without missing the cricket; unfortunately, you’ll still have to mow the lawn though.

Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections have the expertise to thoroughly check your house for structural issues and potential pest problems. They will go and investigate the crawl-in spaces so that you don’t have to making preventative maintenance a breeze.

The teams at Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections have the experience and technological back-up to enable them to deliver a detailed and thorough report on whether or not you have any problem areas in your home that need to be dealt with.

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An Early Warning System

Think of pest inspection as an advanced warning system – it can root out problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye thanks to the advanced tools that are used and it can save you a bundle of cash in the process. A termite problem, for example, will generally only become evident when the damage is pretty far advanced – and consequently it can be costly to fix.

Just try telling contractors you have structural damage and watch their eyes light up with dollar signs. The cost is also only half of it – repairing structural damage is a very disruptive process.

It is far better to catch these infestations as early as possible – the problem can then be solved much faster. Having a pest and building inspector come out on an annual basis, will be the head start you need when it comes to dealing with potentially expensive issues.