Prevent Termite Damage

When it comes to household pests, none strikes quite as much fear into the hearts of homeowners as termites. These tiny little pests can cause a great deal of damage without ever being noticed.

Taking steps to prevent termite infestations are extremely important for all homeowners.

Keep Outer Walls Free of Plants

A great garden is an asset to any homeowner but care must be taken to ensure that there is a reasonable amount of space between the outer walls and any plants in the gardens. Not only can the plants allow pests to pass freely into your home but they can also provide a cover for termite damage and make it difficult to spot.

Leave Well Alone

Tempting as it may be, you should not try to destroy any termite nests yourself. If you have found a nest, it is best to call in expert building and pest inspections so that the problem is dealt with effectively.

By dealing with it yourself, you risk disturbing the nest, which can lead to them moving to a new location that you do not know about.

Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections has experienced teams that will help you get rid of these pests permanently.

Make Sure Timber is Packed Away

You also want to make sure that any timber and plant debris is removed from your home. Keep your woodpile separate from your home and be sure to remove any old branches or stumps quickly. These provide ideal breeding grounds for termites.

Watch out When Making Additions

Ensure that the ground is properly treated before you make an addition to your property. This is especially true of concrete-beside-timber designs. You will need to ensure that there is a proper chemical or physical barrier to termite entry.

Keep your Home Dry

You need to keep the humidity and moisture levels in your home as low as possible. Fix any leaky taps quickly and make sure that all areas of the home are properly ventilated – including crawl spaces.

Also keep an eye out for bad drainage – termites love moist and humid conditions.

When it comes to keeping your home termite free, you are going to need some professional help. The professional and friendly team at Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections will see you right in no time.

The inspectors not only check for current termite damage, they will also look out for potential weak spots that termites could take advantage of and they will give you advice on dealing with pests.