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We regularly hear about the benefits of getting a building and pest inspection on homes that are for sale. Sellers and buyers are very conscientious about this but we tend to overlook the importance of checking that your home is still in good order for the years following your purchase.

At Twinspectors, we don’t only offer buyers and sellers a reliable pest inspection. We highly recommend the buying and selling stage is not the only time you organise an inspection on your home. Over the years, repairs can be required in the home due to ageing, foundations moving or pest infestation.

Unfortunately, some issues are only ever detected after they have become serious and this will, in turn, cost more money to fix. It is in the best interests of the owner that homes are checked on a regular basis in order to discover any repairs required before it is too late.

Chances are, if you have noticed yourself that there is an issue, the damage is at a critical stage and should be remedied as soon as possible. The best way to prevent this is to contact the professionals at Twinspectors for our annual reinspection services.

There are three options we offer to suit your budget and individual needs. These cost effective services are well worth adding to your yearly budget to avoid hurting your wallet much later.

Building and Pest Inspections

This is by far the most appropriate service we offer if you really want to be assured your home is keeping in prime condition. There will be absolutely no surprises here when you have your home checked for structural issues, amongst others, as well as checking for pests.

However, we understand that this option doesn’t fit into every budget and so we accommodate this by splitting the two services. By doing this, you might like to consider getting the building inspection carried out and wait about six months to get the pest inspection.

This way you are still getting both done in the year without the cost of both at once.

Building Inspection

When our team visits your property, they will expertly check everything in your home from the foundation up to the roof. Any issues that appear to be happening will be discussed with you and repairs could possibly save you a lot of money in the long run.

Pest Inspection

If you want to avoid costly damages to your home, an annual termite inspection is a must. We live in a climate that can bring many pests to our homes so why not contact us today to organise one of our professional inspections to ensure you don’t have any uninvited guests or issues with your home.

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