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Chapel Hill roof needs recapping repointing

Our client needed a building and pest inspection as they were looking to put their house on the market. They wanted experienced building and pest inspectors to thoroughly check their house. We were booked for a Pre-Sale Inspection in Chapel Hill.

Their home, like most homes in Chapel Hill, was built in the 1950’s so there was some age to the property. After the season of heavy rain we have endured, our clients noticed staining and damage to the ceiling plaster.

Pre-sale Inspection Roof Defect

The obvious suspect was the roof. Our building Inspector took photos to show the client exactly the issue with the roof. The tiles needed painting and re-sealing. Because the paint and seal were compromised the tiles were absorbing a lot of moisture and with continual rain, they were leaking moisture to the ceiling.

The other major issue was the need for re-capping and re-pointing so all the joins are secure.

Issues with a roof can be a contract killer. Having discovered there were roof issues gave the client the opportunity to rectify them before going to market. This potentially saved them from losing a sale or having the sale price negotiated down.

pre-sale inspection in Chapel Hill
Roof tiles need painting and re-sealing

Roof Maintenance

It is ideal to have a roof checked every 5 years. A concrete tiled roof needs to be restored every 25 – 30 years to prevent interior damage to a home.

There is so much potential for significant damage to a home with a leaky roof. Damp roof interiors can be a breeding ground for mould creating health issues.

Termites just love damp, moist timber – so much easier to chew and they don’t muck around. If you do have a termite infestation, please contact our sister company, Defence Pest Management.

Chapel Hill roof moisture under tiles
Moisture under roof tiles

There are key benefits to doing a Pre-sale Inspection in Chapel Hill

  • Chapel Hill is a well-established suburb so houses can develop issues with age
  • It gives you the opportunity to rectify any issues before placing the house for sale. Once the issues have been rectified, the Inspection Report can be updated to state those defects are resolved. Sometimes there is an additional fee required to update reports.
  • Your agent can show the report to potential buyers. This can give added confidence to the buyer they are making the right choice. Many buyers waive the clause for a Building & Pest Inspection in their contract if there is already a current report on hand.
  • When a property goes to auction, it is vital a Building & Pest Inspection Report is available to all potential bidders.
  • Some defects can cause buyers to walk away from a contract to buy. Fixing defects before going to market can remove that risk. A potential buyer may want the defects rectified before settlement which will delay the settlement date. They may want to negotiate the sale price. That’s painful! After all, you want the whole sales process to go as smoothly as possible. Pre-sale Inspections are worth every cent!

Booking a Pre-sale Inspection in Chapel Hill

If you are looking to place your home on the market in Chapel Hill, please book a Building & Pest Inspection today online or by calling 1300 304 145

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