Pool Compliance for Pool Safety

When it comes to keeping your family safe at home, you are no doubt willing to do everything you can. The new pool safety laws, whilst they may seem inconvenient, are specially designed to keep your children safer around the pool.

Make Sure that your Pool is Compliant

Ensuring that your pool is compliant is not as difficult as you may think. You can do a basic run through with a checklist to ensure that the fences are the right height, etc, before calling in the best building and pest inspection professionals – Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections.

What does Compliance Mean?

The idea behind compliance is to make sure that young children are unable to access the pool by themselves. This means that the fence around the pool has to be at least 1.2 metres high.

The fence must have sufficient posts so that the fence does not sag. The gap between the ground and the fence should not be more than 100 mm (so that young children cannot wiggle through).

Fences should be constructed in a manner that makes it difficult for kiddies to climb over them. For this reason, any horizontal bars should be at least 900 mm apart.

All entrances to the pool area, whether through a gate in the fence or through a door from the home, must be able to be secured properly. You will need council approval to allow you to have direct access from your home to the pool.

The external walls of a class 10 building can be incorporated into the building but there can be no entrances from this building into the pool area. (A class 10 building is generally a garage or garden shed.)

In addition, a resuscitation sign must be put in place in clear view of the pool.

The regulations have been put in place to prevent deaths by drowning of young children. The rules are basically there to ensure that kiddies are not able to get access to a pool on their own. They should not be able to squeeze through the bars of the fence, climb up over the fence or squeeze under it.

The rules have already started to make a difference to the drowning statistics of children under the age of five years. There has been a dramatic reduction in drowning since the laws were introduced in 2009.

All in all, getting your pool up to scratch does not have to be a big issue for you and the rewards far outweigh the initial inconvenience. You just need to consult a professional company to make sure that everything is properly in place.