Pest Prevention and Inspection – A Year Round Responsibility

You would think that as the winter is upon us here in Australia we could all relax for a short time and not feel threatened by the invasion of insects and other pests. This is because during the summer the invasion is more obvious, what with the flies, mosquitoes, and moths to name a few.

Sadly, invaluable termite inspection is a year-round requirement. This is also true of all types of pests.

Whilst it is true that termites are at their most active during spring and summer, this does not mean they are dormant or that other predators are not sizing up your home and considering the merits of the particular timbers, et cetera, that are held within.

Winter Pests Abound – They are Just Better at Hiding

Some of the more common nuisances that infiltrate the blissful warmth of your home are woodworm, mice, rats and perhaps the occasional possum.

Woodworm is hard to see and can be transported into your home if you have a wood fire. The wood that you bring into the home for burning may have this little border lurking within. This is an easy mistake to make as you cannot possibly inspect the inner layers of every single piece of wood you bring into the home.

It may be that the lovely old chair you picked up from the garage sale actually had the beginnings of a colony in it and now that you have put it in your home they have run rampant.

Whilst you may suspect there are mice and rats in your home they are hard to spot. They, just like us, appreciate a nice warm environment, not to mention the ready and steady supply of food, water, and bedding that can come from inside.

If there is any way for a mouse or rat to get into the ceiling cavity or under the floor boards they will find it.

The risk here with vermin is that they may do more than eat scraps of food and leave their droppings around for you to find.

They could possibly be chewing their way merrily through electrical wiring, pipes, wallpaper, Gyprock and even brickwork.

Call Us Before You Need Us

If you suspect even the slightest possibility of an invasion, call us at 1300 304 145 before it is too late. The damage caused by termites, mice and rats are rarely covered by insurance companies and the cost to remedy the damage can run into the thousands.