Nip Problems in the Bud

You probably grew up with your gran telling you, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Back then those words may have seemed a little meaningless. It is only when you reach adulthood that you realise the wisdom of those words. You realise the importance of this advice when you have your first major expense – your car. Your new car is your baby – You make sure it’s clean, that any dings are sorted out and you take it for its regular services. You do all these things so that your car will function properly, last longer and retain more value.

Amazingly enough, most people do not extend the same consideration to the homes they live in – an investment with far further reaching implications than a car and certainly one that is more valuable. When it comes to houses, there seems to be a “If it’s not broken why fix it attitude?” You may slap on the odd bit of paint and clean out the gutters but do you have your house inspected annually? Has it even occurred to you to do so? You may think that, since a house is immovable, it’s not subject to the same wear and tear as a vehicle but you’d be wrong. There are countless different things that go on behind the walls of your house and I’m not referring to spooks and goblins but real life, wriggly termites. Termite infestation is difficult to detect until it becomes a real problem. Do you really want to have to wait until the termite population in your home rivals the population of Brisbane? Try doing some research to see what damage they can do and I’d bet your next search would be for Pest control Brisbane.

The other insidious menace that may be making its way through your walls is moisture. Once again, it is usually only visible when you have horrible stains, a furry wall or structural collapses. Water damage is messy to clean up and often difficult to fix once it has progressed to the visible stage. In fact, just like with termites, controlling the problem early on makes it a lot easier to deal with. Easier to deal with means less expensive and less inconvenience to you. By having the building inspected for structural faults annually, you will be saving yourself a world of trouble down the line. Run a search for Building Inspections Gold Coast to get an idea of the horror stories out there.

At the end of the day, annual pest and building inspections may cost you a bit upfront but will save you money in the long run by ensuring that any problems are caught early on and dealt with effectively. Isn’t it worth it to protect your most valuable asset?