Living and Breeding Places of Household Pests

Cockroaches, termites, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, rodents and bed bugs are just a few of many house pests that can create health problems and cause damages to your house and belongings.

So, how do we get rid of them? If you prefer a less-invasive, environment-friendly approach, then you can opt for some DIY pest control solutions using natural ingredients. On the other hand, there are also household chemicals and pesticides that you can use especially if your pest problem has gone way out of hand. However, you must be mindful of its damaging side effects to the environment.

There are a bunch of ways to de-bug a home but how can you be sure you are doing the job correctly? Perhaps, the best way to attack a problem is to cut it down right from its source, and to do so, you must know where these pests can be found.

Here are the living and breeding places of common household pests:


Flies are commonly found in rubbish, open septic tanks, food scraps, dirty benches and tables, open leach drains, lawn clippings and animal faeces.


Fleas like sandy areas. In order to reproduce, they need blood, which they mostly get from animals. They are usually transported by humans as they are likely to jump into people’s clothing. They can also be brought into houses through beddings.

As these pests are usually found on dogs, cats and other furry animals, it is best to keep the pets outside the house if they are suspected to have fleas. This is to minimise the likelihood of fleas infesting the house.

Bed Bugs

Like fleas, bed bugs also need blood in order to develop. They are transported by humans through their luggages and beddings. These bugs usually hide in places where people sleep, keeping themselves hidden from view during the day. During the night, they will start feeding by biting a person in their bed. Their bites can be very itchy and can easily become infected when scratched.


These insects like cold and dark places, so they are mostly found in areas where there is rain water accumulation like car tyres and tins, water storage tanks, discarded refrigerators and in septic tanks. They can also be found around ponds and natural bodies of water.

Rats and Mice

Rodents love rubbish. Where there is litter or exposed food, it would not be surprising if you see rats and mice lurking around. They can also be found in pipes, insulation, under buildings, in ceilings and in trees and gardens.


Mites live and breed on furry animals and can also be found on human hair.

Managing a pest problem is never easy. It requires a lot of time and effort to meticulously device ways and means of detection and treatment, not to mention that different pests require different solutions.

The first thing you need to worry about is how to detect these pests. Sometimes, people are not aware that they are having a serious pest situation until the signs become obvious and the problem is already too severe to be fixed by DIY solutions alone. If you want to ensure a thorough and accurate inspection, enlist the help of a professional. The best way to enjoy peace of mind concerning the condition of your home is by having the professionals atTwinspectors look it over. Call us on 1300 304 145 or book online for an inspection today.