Keep Your Property Safe From Pests

Dealing with pests in autumn can be a tough challenge, because just when you thought summer was over and they would be hiding, you realise they are indeed hiding – but in your own property! Twinspectors can help you with this. We exterminate the rodents and cockroaches that keep themselves warm and comfortable in the walls, roof voids and other unattended areas of your house.

Can I Prevent Them From Invading My Home?

During autumn, rodents and cockroaches are the most visible pests in your home. The rats will be looking for a place to protect themselves from the cold weather, whilst the cockroaches can easily slip through the crevices and spaces under the doors. And the worst part—they will breed so you will find more of them in your property unless they are exterminated.

But before all that happens, you can always prevent them from getting past the entry points of your home. Seal cracks and openings, and install screens on your vent, windows or doors to block their way from trespassing.

If you have outdoor plants that hang against the wall, or are growing against the wall, you can trim the branches and leaves so that the rats can’t use this as their access to your roof or windows. You should also place the rubbish bin as far as possible from your home, because rodents may scavenge for food from the bin and just end up making their way to your house.

Reducing Their Number

If they have started invading your home, you should double check for any openings from where they access your home and seal it immediately. They will also look for food inside your home – mostly in the kitchen, but not just that area – so be watchful about where you keep your food and make sure it is stored and sealed properly. Crumbs and spills should be cleaned up and dishes should not be left overnight. Water leaks should also be fixed. This way, you are reducing their survivability and once they run out of food, they will start looking elsewhere and leave your property.

Have Your Property Inspected

You should have your property inspected for pest invasions, most especially if you are planning to sell or have your home rented. If you are looking for affordable building and pest inspections, Twinspectors will get the job done. We will send a two-man team to your home for inspection, ensuring that everything will be done in detail and nothing will be left amiss.