How Water Can Damage Your Home

high water

Living in Brisbane subjects you to severe weather conditions as what can be expected of living in a country with a sub-tropical climate. It’s no longer new to local residents to experience heavy rainfall every year that causes long-term damages to homes and other structures.

Damages Caused by Flood Water

The part of your home that you would never want to be affected by water is its foundation. Why? The following are the likely damages caused by flood water.

Cracks in your walls

Look out for pooling of water in the foundation of your house. It can cause subsidence or movement which will eventually cause cracks to form in the walls of your home.

Weak Foundation

As water is absorbed by the foundation, it gradually weakens due to water damage. This causes it to eventually give out, bringing the entire structure to the ground.

Internal Water Damage

This includes damage to electronic appliances, wirings, furnishings and floors. Flood water can also cause plenty of damages within the house, such as unseen leaks, condensation and burst pipes. The cost of having to repair these internal damages are unimaginable, which is why it is best to prevent them than to fix them, right? Have your home checked regularly by a professional home and building inspector, most especially before and after every storm.

External Water Damage

Most homeowners sometimes tend to focus on the internal damages that they neglect to look at what could have gone wrong on the outside. What could the possible problems be? Your plants (or crops, if you have any) may be destroyed, there might be a constant presence of water surrounding the house that may cause the external structures to weaken, or possible formation of sinkholes. These are most likely to happen especially when you have a poor drainage system. If your home is built near expansive bodies of water, you might want to think about relocating (that is if you want a home that’ll last). Whilst water is a very important resource, it certainly can also be destructive.