How to Keep Snakes Away

Due to the rise in temperature, snakes are driven out of their natural habitats seeking refuge and most likely ending up in someone’s house. Thus, the chance of an encounter is higher, posing a greater threat to everyone.

Just recently, nine people have been reportedly bitten by snakes across Queensland in just a 36-hour period. With over 140 species of land snakes in Australia alone, it is likely for you to suddenly come in contact with one. For those people living in warmer, rural and highly vegetated areas like Queensland, the chances are even higher.

Let’s face it. Snakes will always be around, and there is nothing much that we can do about it. After all, like all living things, they play a significant role in our ecosystem. The best we can do is devise some strategies to help keep snakes away from our homes.

How do we keep them away from us? Here are a few tips that work:

Learn About Snakes in Your Area

The first thing you need to do to keep snakes away is be aware of what you may be up against. There are certain snakes that are native to certain areas. It is important that you find out whether these snakes are dangerous or not so you could take the necessary precautions. You can contact your local wildlife ranger to learn more about the snakes in your area.

Clear Your Yard

Snakes love places where they can hide. Make sure your yard is clutter-free by removing fallen leaves and branches and keeping the grass trimmed. Shear overgrown shrubs and plants. Remove spare logs and twigs or old furniture in the area. Not only do they make potentially good dwellings for these creepy crawlies, they also attract termites. The cleaner your yard is, the harder it is for snakes to find a hiding place.

Keep Your House Closed

Snakes have an incredible ability to make themselves fit into the tightest, narrowest areas. Make sure that there are no holes in the walls, windows, roofs or floors. They can easily squeeze their way in through tiny holes in windows, under the door frames, and in between the floorboards.

Snake Repellers

Snake repellers are little devices designed to help people get rid of snakes. These repellers work by emitting sound vibrations into the ground that imitate the noises made by large animals, thus driving the snakes away. We recommend that you use the solar-powered ones as they recharge on their own and do not require constant maintenance.

Being a local, we often see yards that are cluttered with junk, branches and even items such as pool equipment and so on. Old logs can attracts termites and other insects, whilst general junk can attract rodents. These of course in turn attract snakes. Whilst we are not snake catchers, not claim to ever be experts on snakes, we do however highly recommend checking your house and yards particularly in the hot summer months for any items that can draw snakes to your family home.

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