What to Do if Problems are Found During Pre-purchase Inspections

front view of a grey house with a sign outside that says 'foreclosure'

You’ll never know how important building and pest inspections are unless you have made the terrible mistake of buying a property without it. Inspection reports can reveal any problems a property may have that cannot be seen in plain sight.

If you are an investor looking to have the property rented or sold, having building and pest inspections done on the property can not only give you peace of mind but it can also help you decide whether purchasing the property is be a wise decision or not.

One other advantage of conducting pre-purchase inspection is that it also makes you aware of the minor problems in the property and accordingly giving you a good basis for negotiating a price.

When to back out

Most houses are not accurately advertised, so you cannot really rely on some descriptions when it comes to whether the property has issues or not. Often, people overlook the hidden problems of a property, and this can pose a significant risk in the future.

We are not just talking about pest infestations here. We are talking about problems such as faulty electrical wirings, weak structure and unhealthy mould. They’re hard to detect and what’s worse is that they can pose a serious threat henceforth. When we find these problems, it’s basically like seeing a big, glaring “Exit” sign.

Mandatory inspections

Conducting pre-purchase pest and building inspections shouldn’t even be a matter to be decided upon. Prior to making your final decision, have a building inspector examine all parts of the property from the exterior to the interior of the premises.

It is important to be able to identify all potential faults that may break a deal, such as major water penetration, and sizable deterioration in the roofing, rendering and painting.

If the property is in an area that’s well known to have problems with termites and other pests, it is best to have a separate inspection done to determine the presence of infestations.

Some houses have a lot of major problems, so don’t fall victim to false advertisements. A property inspection report is our best weapon against it by helping us make informed decisions.