How Important is Hiring a Pool Safety Inspector?

Pool Safety

The primary role of a pool safety inspector is to find out whether pools are compliant with the standards or not. They will issue a pool safety certificate to pools that are compliant. On the other hand, if the pool failed to meet the standards, the inspectors will issue a nonconformity notice.

Consult an Inspector

You can consult an inspector if you need advice about your pool and its fencing. If possible, try to get a few quotes in order to get the best service at a reasonable, if not cheaper, price.

Just so you are aware, some inspectors may carry out minor repairs such as latch replacement or adjustment and removing climbable objects.

Finding a reliable pool safety inspector

One of your best options is to find pool safety inspectors online. There you can choose from a list of safety inspectors around your area.

You can also find an inspector within your local government. It is their obligation to provide a pool safety inspection service when requested.

What happens when you are issued with a non-conformity notice?

If you feel like the non-conformity notice served to you is a mistake, you can appeal through the Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committee. To find out how to lodge an appeal, call 1800 804 833.

On the other hand, if you feel like the inspector is being negligent or is not doing their job right, you can make a complaint against them by completing a Complaint form (Form 1) so they can be investigated and disciplinary actions will be imposed when necessary.