Getting a Good Gauge on Property Value


When it comes to buying real estate it is important to conduct the appropriate due diligence to ensure the property you are buying is clear and unencumbered. Part of your due diligence agenda should always be to have an invaluable  building and pest inspection.

Invaluable it is, because of the money it could save you. A thorough Twinspectors assessment can reveal if the property has a white ant infestation, if any of its piers and stumps is sinking, if the roof is in a good condition or if there are any plumbing defects.

Once you have a condition report outlining the good and the bad of the property you are in a much better position to be able to offer a fair market value for the property in question.

Perhaps you have entered into a Contract of Sale already. If this is the case, it would have been signed with a condition stating that the sale would be subject to a suitable building and pest inspection being conducted. This allows you the opportunity to return to the negotiating table to make a counter offer should it prove necessary.

Should the report come back with any major issues highlighted in it such as an expensive roof replacement or something like the home sewerage plant on the property is not operating correctly, you will then have not only the opportunity but written proof of what would be required to bring the property up to a good condition.

Not Just for Prospective Buyers

We have a range of Inspection services we are able to conduct on a property:

  • pre-purchase Building Inspection is one as we have discussed above.
  • A pre-purchase Pest Inspection has also been mentioned above with the goal being to identify if there are any white ants, et cetera, living in or around the property.
  • A Pre-Sale Inspection is designed with the savvy seller in mind. Forewarned is forearmed when considering selling your property.
  • Annual Inspections are designed to keep the owner aware of and prepared for any upcoming repairs that may be necessary.
  • pool Inspection is designed to ensure a swimming pool is properly fenced and has no alternative means for entry apart from the self-closing latches. There must be no overhanging trees or items nearby that could be used to help climb the fence.

Whatever your inspection needs, perhaps we are able to offer guidance and peace of mind.