Decluttering Your Yard

A well-kept and elegant looking house exterior gives a delightful first impression to visitors as well as makes coming home a comfortable and blissful feeling. However, that is not the only perk of having a nice, clean facade. Another benefit of decluttering the exterior of your dwelling is that it keeps unwanted visitors away from your premises. And by visitors, i mean pests. Driving away pests like insects, snakes, termites and mice by keeping your yard clean can keep you and your family safe.

Here are a few ways to keep your entire house clutter and pest-free:

Manage Your Garbage Properly

Make sure your garbage is kept in a tightly covered, regularly washed bin that is built to last. This reduces the attraction for insects and prevents them from breeding. If composting is possible, make sure it’s done as often as possible, if not daily. If not, make sure that your kitchen garbage are tightly wrapped and kept inside a covered trash bin and dispose of it properly.
Do not allow old newspapers, clothes and trash to pile up in your storage room and/or garage. These make good hiding places and breeding sites for insects and other pests.

Keep The Area Dry

Wood or wooden elements are prime spots for a buildup of unwelcome insects, especially the old and decaying ones. Replace wood that have softened due to water infiltrations.

Manage the Plant Life in Your Yard

Keep bushes and tree branches trimmed and kept away from your house. Mow the lawn in a regular basis and remove the weeds as these are ideal hiding places for snakes and mice.

Clear Out Piles of Rubbish

Rubbish includes stored goods, foliage, grass clippings and other debris. Clearing your house of these types of rubbish can stop termites from getting into the house. Aside from termites, they also invite other pests, particularly snakes.

Perhaps, the first step in preventing pest infestation is making sure that your house is kept clean at all times. Better yet, have building inspections done regularly. The importance of such cannot be stressed enough, so make sure you hire a skilled company to do the job.Contact our friendly team at Twinspectors (1300 304 145) for more information.