Decks and Veranda’s-A Great Place to Relax

Imagine sitting back on a deck chair, sipping a tall, cool drink and relaxing on your veranda. It is a great place to kick back and catch the breeze, especially through summer. Or maybe you have a deck around your pool? Certainly a great place to relax as well. There is just something about relaxing by the pool, a reminder of endless summers full of fun. Kids love the pool as much as we do, so its important to make sure the area is safe for them as well. So what do you need to do to ensure the area complies with the new safety regulations and is safe for the kids?

A veranda or deck’s timber can look to us like it is in good condition, but to the trained eye it may need a few repairs. The best way to find out if they need attention or treatment is to hire a building and pest inspections Brisbane professional to check on the timber. An inspector is trained in termite detection as well as pool inspections and structural soundness of a building. They can check your entire property and give you a more holistic view of where your property is at structurally. An inspector will pick up on any damage that will need repair, as well as checking for termites. Termites, while they may be small, can cause large amounts of damage in a really short amount of time.

A deck around a pool can be subject, not only to termites, but also the weather elements. Damage such as wood rot can weaken the timber and render it unsafe, the same as a veranda, so it is important to get an inspector out on a regular basis to check your home.

If you are building a deck around the pool or a veranda on the house, then its a good idea to check with the council about the building regulations in your area and what requirements will need to be met to gain building approval from them. The requirements will change for each electorate.

If you have an existing deck around your pool or have just built one, it is a good idea to get pool inspections done to make sure that you are in compliance with the new pool safety regulations. These came into effect from the 1st of December and every pool owner is expected to be in compliance by 2015, there will be no exceptions. Large fines will apply to those who are not.

Get your pool, veranda and deck inspected today. It will save you money later on down the track and give you peace of mind knowing they are safe and solid.