Coopers Plains


Considered an outer suburb of Brisbane, Coopers Plains was originally known as ‘Cowpers Plains’ as its name was taken from the assistant surgeon in the Moreton Bay penal settlement.  Dr. Henry Cowper stopped there during journeys to Ipswich during the 1820s up to the 1830s.  The suburb was a convict settlement established in the year 1828.  

Up until the 1940s, Coopers Plains remained rural in nature.  In 1942, the United States Army even built barracks adjacent to its railway station.  After the corruption of its original name, by year 1877, it became known as Coopers Plains.  And from the opening of its first post office in 1876, development found its way into this now thriving community which belongs to the federal electorate of Moreton.  


Population: The total population of Coopers Plains based on the 2011 census is 4,208.  The females were about 49% and the males were the remaining 51%.  Coopers Plains has a median age for its population that is three years below the Australian median – 34 years old.  

Lifestyles and People:

  • Independent Youth – 18.5%
  • Established Couples and Families – 15.9%
  • Older Couples & Families – 12.2%
  • Maturing & Established Independence – 11.4%
  • Elderly Singles – 11.3%

Income ($/weekly): The suburb’s median individual income is $489 by the week.  As for its median household income, the weekly rate is $1,063.  

Employment Profile: In 2011, of the total employed people of Coopers Plains, 56.5% hold full time employment.  The other 28.8% have part time employment.  Its unemployment rate is about 8.5%.  


  • Bus – Residents who depend on public transport can count on several bus routes with stops found all over the suburb.  This includes bus routes from the city to Garden City and Parkinson.  Also, other bus routes and stops include Sunnybank and the Great Circle Line.
  • Train – Know that the Coopers Plains railway station has been around since the year 1885.  This can be found at the South Coast Railway Line which is now known as the Beenleigh line.


The suburb of Coopers Plains is well known for its local educational institution which is the Coopers Plains State School.  This particular school takes pride in being able to uphold quality education as well as community engagement for its students.  Living in this suburb also gives you access to the likes of Coopers Plains Preschool and Coopers Plains Primary.  Yes, and even a chance at sending your kids to Brisbane Christian College which is a co-educational institution located at Rockwood Avenue in Coopers Plains.

Clubs and Sports

Coopers Plains, since it has become a thriving residential suburb comes with amenities and facilities fit to sustain the needs of its residents.  From the basics up to the area of sports and recreation, you can count on this suburb to offer you with a holistic environment.  Aside from the schools, hospitals, churches, libraries and shopping centers, Coopers Plains comes with parks and skating rinks.  It is also home to the Coopers Plains Scout Group.