Part of the southern suburbs of Queensland where indigenous people live for an estimated period of 40,000 years until Europeans arrived in 1823 is the suburb of Annerley. It is about 5 kilometres from the CBD and is primarily a residential area to date. Back in the days, this suburb is considered nothing more than a ‘run-down’ but today, it is a haven of mixed residences of people from all walks of life. Read more



About 17 kilometres south of central Brisbane, Algester is a suburb that was detached from Acacia Ridge and was given its name in 1972. Its name is a corruption of ‘Alcester’ which was an English Town dating back as far as 1910. For a brief period before this though, about 1970, its name was ‘Ridgewood’ which was taken from Ridgewood Heights estate. Read more



Alderley is about 7.5 kilometres away from the Central Business District and is named after an affluent suburb in Manchester.  The place was originally a vineyard which the Raymont family built.  Now a bustling suburb rich in renovated Queenslander and modern homes, Alderley has become an established residential area but also boasts of commercial structures.  Read more



Albion is part of the group of suburbs of Brisbane found in its northern part. Considered an inner north-eastern suburb that is 5 kilometres from the CBD, Albion is bounded by Ascot in the east, Wooloowin in the north, Newstead in the south, and Windsor to the west. Read more

Acacia Ridge



Acacia Ridge is one of the many suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland located in the southern part.  It is about 15 kilometres from the Central Business District and is within the federal electorate of Moreton.   Read more