From the aboriginal word for a place of flowering gums, Bellbowrie is part of the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland and is about 18 kilometres south-west.  This particular suburb belongs to Ryan’s federal electorate.  

This used to be part of Moggill which in fact included the Moggill cemetery.  The primary school of Moggill can be found just immediately outside of the southern border of Bellbowrie.  This place started out as a large housing estate and is presently a thriving residential suburb.  In 1973, the Lord Mayor finally named the suburb of Bellbowrie in a ceremony conducted in its shopping plaza.    Read more




Originally known as ‘Upper Paddington’, Bardon is a suburb which belongs to the list of Western suburbs in Brisbane.  In 1925, it was defined and then renamed by the Ithaca Town Council after the villa built by Joshua Jeays around the year 1863.  That particular villa, ‘Bardon’, now forms part of the campus of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and is referred to as ‘The Drive’.   Read more



In the list of northern suburbs of the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Banyo is a picture of a split of industrial and residential.  Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that there is easy access to local transport which makes it a highly attractive place for industries.  

You are likely to find Banyo intertwined in several areas with its neighbouring suburb, Nudgee.  These two suburbs are both rich in terms of local history.  Many locals and those familiar with these suburbs are Read more

Bald Hills


Most residents who have lived in Bald Hills can see how easy it is to live in this suburb given that it is but 20 minutes away from the Sunshine Coast.  It is about 20 kilometres north of central Brisbane.  The name of this suburb is taken from the two small hills which is found in the floor of the South Pine River Valley.   Read more



Part of the group of Eastern suburbs is the rural-suburb that is about 18 kilometres from the Central Business District of Brisbane – Burbank.  The eastern boundary of this suburb is Tingalpa Creek which alse serves as the boundary between Brisbane and the Redland councils.  It was probably because of this that this area was known as Upper Tingalpa until about 1976.   Read more



It may be safe to say that Archerfield is a mixed-use suburb whereby it is a sparsely populated area with majority of its land being used by the Archerfield Airport.  This suburb is on the southern part of Brisbane and is about 11 kilometres from the CBD.  It belongs to the federal electorate of Moreton.   Read more



Gaelic for ‘a field of flowers’, Auchenflower is about 3 kilometres West of Brisbane CBD which is just 3 train stations away.  This scenic suburb is literally close to everything.  Brisbane’s 19th century past is still evident in residences found in Auchenflower and a very popular landmark is the Mayne family home, the ‘Moorlands’ located on the grounds of The Wesley which is the largest private hospital in Queensland. Read more



Just 13 kilometres north of the Central Business District of Brisbane, the suburb of Aspley can be found.  It is only half an hour drive from the CBD which makes it a potentially accessible suburb for those interested in living in this part of Brisbane.  Aspley is a suburb on flat ground and with surrounding hills on its eastern and southern sides. Read more



If you are considering the more prestigious locations within Brisbane, you might want to consider relocating to Ascot.  It is approximately 7 kilometres north of the Central Business District and is flanked by Hamilton and Clayfield, known to be two of Brisbane’s ‘old money’ suburb.  The name of this suburb was in reference to England’s ‘Royal Ascot’ and its main business hub is focused on Racecourse Road which is a reflection of the place’s racing history.   Read more



When in Brisbane, especially in the south-west part of its Central business District, you should not miss checking out the suburb that is found about 16 kilometres from it which is Anstead.  You can find it on the northern bank of the famous Brisbane River.  The name Anstead was taken from the original land owner who back then introduced quarrying while at the same time being a timber getter, John Anstead.  This was around 1860s as before it was gazetted in 1975, Anstead is actually part of another suburb, Moggill. Read more