Termites in Your Home? Don’t Touch Them!

Termites are such secretive creatures that often, the first clue homeowners have of their presence is finding the damage they caused as they chewed their way through the timber inside the walls. Some people are lucky that they find them early, like someone who noticed a large stain on her lounge room wall. She had just returned from holidays, so she thought the roof had leaked while the family was away.

When she touched the stain she was horrified to find that her fingers went right through the plasterboard and into the wall cavity. Now totally freaked out, she sprayed insecticide into the hole then contacted her local pest exterminator. By the time he arrived a day later, there was not one termite to be found and the nest inside the wall was dry and abandoned.

Never Disturb a Termites Nest – Wait for the Professionals

As her local exterminator explained, she had done the one thing that nobody should do if they find termites in their home. Once the nest was disturbed, the termites left, leaving plenty of damage to repair, but no opportunity for the exterminator to kill the colony. It was very likely that it would re-establish itself near her property, ready to make another assault.

Here at Twinspectors we advise clients who have a similar experience to seal the termite area with tape and wait for our termite controller. The unsuspecting termites will feel safe if their immediate environment remains dark and moist. They will not totally destroy your home in a few days. Leave them alone and do not try to kill them yourself.

Whole Colony Eradication Vital to Stop Repeat Attacks

When our qualified termite control technician arrives, he will do a thorough inspection. He will then treat the workings with a product that does not just kill the termites in the immediate area, but is carried by them back to the nest. Over the next few weeks this poison will silently and quietly do its job, eradicating the entire colony that has been attacking the home.

We follow up this visit in three weeks to check the situation and if any termites are found, we repeat the process until there is no evidence of further activity. For total protection following an infestation we recommend installing termite barriers and establishing a regular program of annual inspections.

We recommend combining these with effective building inspections to give homeowners a fully comprehensive report. This is the best way to protect your most valuable asset from all structural problems and those pesky termites.

What are Termites?

Termites are small insects that live in a social organized structure, similar to that of ants. Most termites live in soil as they need moisture to survive. There are several types of termites but the most common and destructive is the subterranean termite. It nests in soil, in the roots and trunks of living and dead trees, also in mounds. They are very common pests in Australia. They hollow out timbers from the inside out. They are very invasive pests and can cause untold damage to your home.

Termites can enter your home through pipes and electrical tubes, also through mud tubes in the soil to the flooring in your home. They are very innovative creatures for all their small size and if there is a way they will find it. If you think you have termites in your home, then the best thing to do is call in a Brisbane building Inspection professional to check for you. A qualified pest inspection professional will be able to determine whether you have termites and then determine the best course of action if you do have them. If you live in a wooden home, then you should consider having regular inspections done on your home and having it sprayed regularly as a preventative measure. After all, paying to have your home sprayed regularly is a lot cheaper then paying to have the damage fixed.

Here are a few signs to look for that may help:

  • Signs of mud accumulated around doors, windows and similar places.
  • Chewing or tapping noises in your walls or from within plaster board
  • Blistered paint around windows and door architraves
  • Mud structures in ceiling cavities

By being on the ball and regularly checking under your house for signs of moisture in your floor boards, you can quickly eradicate any problems with termites. If you are considering buying a new home, then it always wise to get Brisbane building inspectors to access the premises and check for termites before you buy it. That way if there is a problem, you can avoid buying a home that will cost you a fortune to repair. If the seller was unaware of the problem, then they have the chance to have the termites eradicated and repair the damage before it gets too bad. They can then sell their home. If they choose not to treat the problem, then legally they must disclose this information to prospective buyers. At least then, whoever purchases the property will know what they are up against.

How to Keep Your Home Rat-Free

Just as any other type of pest infestation, every homeowner should always be on the lookout for the telltale signs of rat infestation as such can pose serious health risks to the household.

First, you should be able to determine the presence of rats in your home. There are very distinct signs that can tell you for sure that you have unwanted guests at home, such as:

  • Droppings in dark corners and along baseboards.
  • Urine trails or puddles and grease stains on baseboards.
  • Evidence of gnawing.
  • Unmistakeable rat sound.
  • Excitability of household pets.
  • Rat trails on dusty areas.

Let’s say, you have done your inspection and found that there are indeed rats nesting in your home. What do you do?

The first thing you need to do is to assess the severity of the problem. You don’t just call the exterminator right away and unnecessarily spend a few dollars when it can be managed on your own, right? If the rat infestation is small, some DIY pest management may turn out to be successful.

On the other hand, if the infestation is severe or if you just cannot handle doing the dirty work yourself, you should enlist the services of a professional pest control company. Hiring a professional might be a bit expensive but the efficiency and the outcome is all worth it.

Another advantage of hiring a pest control expert is they can offer you help with rat proofing your home after the infestation problem has been resolved. Apart from that, they can also do regular monitoring in order to prevent future invasions.

Solution to Rat Infestation

When there is abundance of food and water supply, rats breed and multiply rapidly. To prevent further infestations, follow these guidelines:

Rat proof your house

– Close off areas where rats can probably squeeze in. This includes small gaps in roofs, rafters and foundations. Use a high strength mesh to cover up ventilation openings.

Trim down shrubs and vines hugging the sides of your house

– As much as possible, remove anything that rats can use as a ladder to climb up into your roof. Make sure the outside structure has an 18-inch distance from the lawns. Clear your yard of woodpiles and clutter. If possible, move them as farther away as can be.

Keep the interior of the home free of food and water sources

– Food spills should be cleaned up right away. Do not leave any food remnants that can attract the rodents’ uncanny sense of smell. Store food items in tightly covered chew-proof containers. Use mild water and bleach solution to disinfect the areas where food is prepared or handled or places where food is mostly stored.

Do not feed your pets outside of your house

– When you let your pets eat outside, they will most likely leave leftover food scattered around. If it cannot be avoided, make sure that you monitor the feeding and diligently clean up the leftovers. Water bowls and pet food will not only attract rats but other kinds of rodents as well, posing more threat to your family’s health.

Do not store pet food inside your garage

– The garage is mostly a dark place and rats, as blurry as their eyesights are, love to stay in dark corners. If you must do so, make sure the food is stored in airtight sealed, chew-proof containers like metal, glass, ceramic or heavy duty plastic.

Keep your home clutter-free

Put unnecessary stuff away, especially those that can be potentially used as nest-building materials. Keep garbage bins tightly closed at all times.

Preventing rats from accessing food and water sources drives them to go to other places for survival. Remember, hunger is the best way to diminish rat populations and impede their breeding process. When food is scarce, females won’t be able to breed readily.

Following these tips might require a bit of effort but the outcome will surely be worth it. Then again, for severe infestations where natural remedies are rendered useless, it’s about time you enlist the help of the experts. At Twinspectors, our technicians specialise in thoroughly inspecting homes and buildings for possible pest infestation. Call 1300 304 145 today!

Pest Control in Your Home

You need to sort out pest control issues before moving into a house that has stood for a decade or more. You may be extremely pleased to have bought your new house for a cheaper price but you will suffer in the long run if you will take pest troubles for granted. To avoid the hassles of heavy expenses for the repairs of whatever termites, hornets, ants, birds, rats, and other pests have destroyed or damaged, or before they destroy the house entirely, it would be better that you call the professionals as soon as possible to get rid of the pest problems for you.

The kinds of problems that pests bring inside a household are not minor. It is hazardous to the health of the people living inside the house. Aside from that, the house will become a very dangerous place to live in. And because of these reasons, the problems caused by pests should be rid of.

There are do it yourself pest control methods where you can formulate the chemicals or treatments and apply them on the areas where the pests have made a home. You can extinguish them yourself but you will be doing that at your own risk. You may or may not cause more damage than cure and this is the kind of risk you should not take otherwise you will be risking your own welfare and the welfare of your housemates. If you have no previous experience in getting rid of pests, you better call the experts to have them bring in their equipment and perform their magic on your new found shelter.

Pest control experts specialise in superior inspection in every nook and cranny of your house. They have supreme knowledge in looking for signs of even the slightest and faintest activities of pests. They have the methods and technology to help you get rid of specific pest problems and of course, they will make your house pest proof for many years to come.

There are many pest control companies in your local area and all you have to do is search online, pest inspection companies are easily found if you live around the Brisbane area. All you have to remember is to look for the company that offers superior services. Many now use the latest in thermal imaging devices and have been operating for many years with a good reputation, that is how you will know it is the best.

Tips for Termite Prevention

Termites are small ant-like creatures, although they are not actually related to the ant family. Due to their love of damp conditions in the soil, they are mostly found in tropical and sub-tropical conditions. Although tiny, these creatures can do a large amount of damage in a short space of time. If you think you have termites in your home, then it is best to call out a pest inspections professional to check and if necessary, destroy any termites found. Timber is a part of a termites diet, so it is good to have regular inspections, especially if you have timber frames or your home is made of timber.

Having regular building and pest inspections can help to detect any problems before they get too bad and cost you a fortune in repairs. There are ways to prevent an invasion of termites into your home. Some excellent tips from a top Pest Inspection Company are:

  • Keep plants away from buildings- While gardens look gorgeous near a house, they can also cover up termite activity, so its best to keep plants a reasonable distance from the building.
  • Don’t disturb the nest – if you find a termite nest, leave it alone and call a pest control company to deal with it. If you disturb the nest, it will only cause them to relocate.
  • Keep timber away from the home- As timber is a food source for termites it is always best to keep it as far away from the building as possible. Remove any old tree stumps and keep any timber in a dry and well ventilated area.
  • Be careful when building new additions-New additions to the home can be an invitation to termites unless certain precautions are taken. A physical or chemical barrier should always be used prior to building additions to the home.
  • Keep Moisture at a minimum- If you have suspended or timber floors, its best to make sure they are well ventilated. Fix any leaking pipes immediately. Termites love moist, humid areas.

Building and pest inspection professionals in Brisbane are trained to detect any problems caused by termites and other issues. Regular inspections can save you a lot of money. Early detection of termites is important with the amount of damage this small insect can do. For home owners, this is one issue that you can not be slack on. If you don’t have your home checked for termites on a regular basis, then you risk major damage to your home, which could cost you a lot in repairs.

To make sure your home is safe from termites, call out a Brisbane building and pest inspector. You will be able to relax knowing your home is safe from termites.

How Thermal Imaging can Help You

If you are looking to buy a home then there are quite a few things to consider, especially if you are buying your first home. After all, most people buying their first home do so with the intention of being in it for life. With saying that it is always wise to get the property inspected for structural soundness, any water damage (i.e leaking pipes) and also for infestations such as termites. With a normal inspection, an inspector can pick up on things that to the untrained eye may seem like nothing. But even an inspector cannot see everything, which is where thermal imaging comes in.

So what exactly is thermal imaging and how is it used in a building and pest inspections Brisbane? Thermal imaging is the use of in-fared cameras which work like an x-ray imaging device which allows inspectors the ability to see what is going on behind the walls. This wonderful invention can pick up problems behind the walls such as termites, leaky pipes or hidden structural damage.

These things, unless there are visible signs of damage are very hard to detect. With thermal imaging it is now much easier to see what is going on behind the walls. With this type of detection equipment now being used by building and pest inspection companies, it is now possible to find any pests or other problems before they get any worse.

Early detection is the key to lowering any repair bills you may face. By having regular inspections with a company that uses thermal imaging, you will lower the risks of having any major damage to your property that could cost you a small fortune to repair. If you weigh up the cost of what the repairs could cost you against the small amount of a regular inspection, then regular inspections make sense and save you money.

The worst damage that can happen is with termites. While they may be small, they are very greedy and can eat through large amounts of timber in a short space of a few months. This is why it is important to ensure that any home you buy has physical or chemical barriers against termites. Having the home inspected by a company that uses thermal imaging is a wise investment.

So if you are looking at buying a home, take the time to get it inspected properly by a building and pest inspection Brisbane company before you sign on the dotted line. It could end up saving you from buying a home that needs a lot of repairs.


Building And Pest Inspections Sure Way To Control Termites

Finding a termite infestation inside the family home is not only a financially draining experience but also an emotional one. Anyone who has been through this will confirm that, long after the termites are gone and the damage repaired, there are lingering doubts that perhaps there were some left behind that have formed another nest and are, at that very moment, again chewing through the supporting beams of the roof. Termite victims report that this fear is always at the back of the mind, and otherwise common place events such as a high wind that causes creaking sounds, especially in timber, are interpreted as a second visit by the termites.

Building owners can keep property safe from termites with a regular maintenance routine. However, nothing can take the place of an inspection by professional pest management specialists. When building owners are looking to engage someone for Building and Pest inspections Brisbane has experienced professionals ready to respond to the call.

Building owners who cut costs by performing the inspections themselves often find that the cost to repair termite damage far outweighs any initial savings. Professional inspectors also have technologies available such as thermal imagery which the average building owner doesn’t have.

Garden beds constructed directly against outside walls invite termites. To further compound the problem, some gardeners lay down black plastic under the garden bed to control weeds. This forms an underground passageway for termites, away from sunlight and prying eyes. Their tell-tale, pale salmon coloured pipelines are hidden by the plastic, giving them easy access.

Termite colonies love to set up camp in old timber such as fence posts, tree stumps, old felled timber or piles of wood untouched and hidden in long grass. This gives them food and shelter, and a base to establish other colonies nearby. All unwanted timber should be disposed of, and other timber stored properly in a shed.

New additions to an established building must have a termite barrier put down before construction begins. These types of structures, especially concrete beside timber, break any existing termite barriers, so new physical or chemical barriers must be included as part of the construction.

Should the worst happen and a termite infestation be found, it should be left untouched, and experts called. When the nest is disturbed the termites immediately leave making it difficult for pest inspectors to find them again. To get a building and pest inspection in Brisbane, building owners need to source professional inspectors.

For a building owner, termite infestations are distressing and financially draining, and any action taken should be done very quickly, to minimise damage. However, it is best to rely on experts, as do-it-yourself inspections are often a short-term gain, long-term pain proposition.

Conveyancing and Pest Inspection Compliment Each Other

When buying a home, whether for an investment or to live in, it is important to make sure that the home is free of problems. A home is something that you expect to last you a lifetime and beyond and if cared for properly should last for generations. The old colonial homes are a classic example of fine craftsmanship and quality. These homes have lasted for generations under harsh Australian conditions and have withstood the test of time. When buying a home, a conveyancing report is usually done so that you are aware of what problems there are with the house, this should also include a pest inspection which could be done at the same time.

When buying a home, you should always ask for a dilapidation report which is usually accompanied with photos which show the current condition of the home in question. At the same time, you should also ask for a pest inspection Brisbane to be carried out on the home to ensure that the home is free of pests such as termites.

Termites are small ant like creatures that can do larges amounts of damage is a matter of a few months. They like damp conditions and find their way into your home through pipes as well as bushes or trees that are too close to the house. If you find a termite mound or something you think maybe termites, then it is best to leave it undisturbed and call in the pest control to deal with it.

With a building inspections professional, you can kill two birds with one stone so to speak and have them take care of the pest inspection as well. This is a great way to save money and get a full conveyancing report of any problems there may be with the home you are interested in purchasing. Once you have the report, you can then make an informed decision on purchasing the home. Things such as whether the home is worth the amount that the owners are asking and if you will have to spend any money on repairs, these are just a few of the considerations that comes into purchasing any home.

So when you are purchasing a home, it is a good thing to make sure you get a conveyancing report along with a pest inspections report so that you can make an informed decision about the home that you are considering purchasing. Having both of these reports will save you from buying a lemon that will end up costing you more then it is worth.

Prevent Costly Delays

If you are planning to put your house on the market, you will want to get the best price possible for it. Most people know that making some cosmetic changes to the property, such as painting and tidying up, will increase the property’s value and these are usually affected quickly. What many people fail to consider, however, is those items that cannot be seen and it is often these unseen problems that create issues when it comes to selling the property. The sale of a property is usually contingent on the outcome of a professional pest inspection and many a deal has fallen apart because of problems discovered during this inspection.

Check for Termites

Termite damage can seriously impact the value of your property. By getting Gold Coast pest inspections experts you can make sure that there are no nasty surprises when you are waiting for a sale to go through. Termite damage can be insidious and can be completely unseen – termites simply are not obvious until a great deal of damage has been done. They can often only be picked up by the special equipment that experts have at their disposal.

Check for Structural Problems

Structural damage is another big problem when it comes to selling your house. In fact, structural damage can be more problematic than termites when it comes to completing the deal. Yet again, it generally takes a trained eye and some special equipment to pick up these problems. Structural damage may be caused by water seepage and this is often only picked up with UV scanning.

The Benefits of fixing it first

It may seem like a bit of a waste of time to fix these problems if you are moving out of the house anyway. It can certainly be a bit of an inconvenience to sort these problems out but should be well worth the effort. For starters, problems like termites and structural damage can be deal breakers – you may find that a buyer will be unwilling to take on the project themselves and you will find that the house is more difficult to sell. On the other hand, if buyers are still willing to take on the project, they will offer a reduced rate. As anyone in the Gold Coast building and pest inspections industry will be able to tell you, the hit that you take on the reduced rate will be a lot more than it would cost you to fix in the first place.

As always, more information is better – the small amount that you pay for the inspection will be an investment in the getting the best return possible and in creating a more positive sales environment. There is little worse than a done deal falling through because of something that could easily be fixed.

Why Conduct Pest Inspections Before you Move?

Whether you are buying a house or selling one, there are some things that you can do that are just good common sense. One of these is to have a pest inspection conducted. Having a pest inspection done when the house is empty is a lot simpler and quicker – any treatments are also a lot more effective – there are no nooks and crannies for bugs to hide in and no furniture that needs to be moved.

Best for Buyers

Having building and pest inspection conducted before you actually move in can help buyers to make sure that they are not letting themselves in for big problems later on. Should a problem be discovered, you can, if you are willing to take it on, negotiate a lower purchase price. If the problem is quite pervasive, you will usually be allowed to back out of the sale. If the problem is not too bad, you can have the property treated before you move in. Doing this before the furniture is brought in makes clean up a breeze and eliminates possible odours pervading your furniture. Treatments are also a lot more effective without furniture getting in the way.

Safe for Sellers

If you are selling the house, you are going to need to have a professional pest inspection conducted anyway. By doing this before the house goes onto the market, you can find out about potential problems and sort them out before your potential buyers do. Treating the problems yourself is important because buyers may be put off by properties that have pest problems. Pest problems if discovered by the buyer can result in cancelled sales or lowered offers in terms of the purchase price. Getting this done when the house is empty really allows for the building inspections Brisbane to get in and have a good look. Any treatments that are required can be done quickly and the house can be cleaned and tidied. You can get rid of any evidence of a previous pest problem before potential buyers step across the threshold.

Overall, whether you are a buyer or a seller, knowledge is your best weapon when it comes to getting the best deal possible. As a buyer, you want to make a good investment and as a seller you want to maximise your potential earnings. Information gathering is always easier when the field is less cluttered and so it makes sense to conduct pest inspections when the house is empty.