Building And Pest Inspections Sure Way To Control Termites

Finding a termite infestation inside the family home is not only a financially draining experience but also an emotional one. Anyone who has been through this will confirm that, long after the termites are gone and the damage repaired, there are lingering doubts that perhaps there were some left behind that have formed another nest and are, at that very moment, again chewing through the supporting beams of the roof. Termite victims report that this fear is always at the back of the mind, and otherwise common place events such as a high wind that causes creaking sounds, especially in timber, are interpreted as a second visit by the termites.

Building owners can keep property safe from termites with a regular maintenance routine. However, nothing can take the place of an inspection by professional pest management specialists. When building owners are looking to engage someone for Building and Pest inspections Brisbane has experienced professionals ready to respond to the call.

Building owners who cut costs by performing the inspections themselves often find that the cost to repair termite damage far outweighs any initial savings. Professional inspectors also have technologies available such as thermal imagery which the average building owner doesn’t have.

Garden beds constructed directly against outside walls invite termites. To further compound the problem, some gardeners lay down black plastic under the garden bed to control weeds. This forms an underground passageway for termites, away from sunlight and prying eyes. Their tell-tale, pale salmon coloured pipelines are hidden by the plastic, giving them easy access.

Termite colonies love to set up camp in old timber such as fence posts, tree stumps, old felled timber or piles of wood untouched and hidden in long grass. This gives them food and shelter, and a base to establish other colonies nearby. All unwanted timber should be disposed of, and other timber stored properly in a shed.

New additions to an established building must have a termite barrier put down before construction begins. These types of structures, especially concrete beside timber, break any existing termite barriers, so new physical or chemical barriers must be included as part of the construction.

Should the worst happen and a termite infestation be found, it should be left untouched, and experts called. When the nest is disturbed the termites immediately leave making it difficult for pest inspectors to find them again. To get a building and pest inspection in Brisbane, building owners need to source professional inspectors.

For a building owner, termite infestations are distressing and financially draining, and any action taken should be done very quickly, to minimise damage. However, it is best to rely on experts, as do-it-yourself inspections are often a short-term gain, long-term pain proposition.

Protect Yourself from when Mother Nature Strikes

We all know that Mother Nature in Australia can have quite a temper – she gives us beautiful sunny weather for the most part but, at times, it may seem as though she wants to wash us off the face of the earth. Make sure that you prepare yourself well for the upcoming storm season and you will be able to minimise the damage to your home.

First and foremost is to make sure that your house is structurally sound – the leading cause of structure failure is termite or moisture damage and there are often few external signs of this damage. If you are not doing so already, make sure to get Pest inspection in Gold Coast or Brisbane experts out to your home at least once a year to do a proper check for moisture damage and pest infestation. Professionals know how to look for signs that we miss and also have special equipment that allows them to pick up problem areas that the eye cannot see. It makes sense to seal off any damp before the storm season starts in earnest and also to pick up any problems before they get too firmly rooted. Eradication of pests or the repair of water damage is always a lot easier if done early on.

You should also take a quick walk around your property. Look for any trees that look unsteady or that have branches that could fall and endanger your house. Get rid of these before the storm season start. Make sure that your gutters have been cleaned out and that they are in good repair. Check that water can run off away from the house without pooling around it. Check all doors and windows and make sure that these are in good order. Wooden doors must be properly sealed to protect them from moisture and this has to be done every few years to keep the door in tip top shape. If a door is not properly sealed, moisture could get in during storm season and you will find that the door swells.

When it comes to windows, you need to ensure that the glass is still firmly in place in the window – if it is not then you are going to have to repair it before the storms start. Loose windows are more at risk of breaking during a storm. Make sure that all the mechanics of the window are working properly and that the window shuts properly. It is a good idea to have a Gold Coast building inspection expert out to have a look.

Explain to them that you are storm-proofing your house and ask them what you should look out for. They are experts on the structural integrity of a house and so should be able to help you out nicely.

The Right Building for your New Business

Setting up a new business is an extremely exciting time but is also very stressful. You need to do your homework before finally settling on a building for you. To start with, you will need to make sure that the building is structurally sound. This is probably most important, especially if you are planning to buy the building. It is well worth the investment to get a professional building inspector in to check the structural integrity of the building. The importance of building inspection cannot be over-emphasized – look at it as a necessary part of securing your business’s future.

A professional building inspector will look for more than just structural damage, they will look for evidence of pest problems and infestations as well. They are likely to also be able to give you on advice about legal implications of improvements to the building – especially important if the building is being repurposed. A bakery, for example, needs to meet different codes in terms of layout, security measures, etc. than a simple office block.

When you have an expert in building and pest inspection having a look over the property, it is a good idea to brief them beforehand about any renovations that you may want to do. They will then be able to advise you on different aspects such as load-bearing walls, etc. You could also get their thoughts on the flow of the space. It is a great time to draw on the expertise of someone who is pretty experienced.

These experts have inspected a lot of buildings and will be able to give you some advice on the actual flow of the rooms. You need to consider that there will need to be a room to welcome clients into the offices, offices for you and your staff, workrooms where applicable and possibly a conference centre for staff. There should be a logical flow to these rooms – it is pointless to have your reception area tucked behind an office, for example.

By consulting a professional building inspector, you give yourself the best chance of making sure that the space is right for you from top to bottom – the space needs to be structurally sound but also needs to fit in with the style of business that you are running. If you get this wrong, you could end up losing out on a lot of potential business. From an investment perspective, not doing your due diligence before the building is bought is going to be costly in the end.

Having your Home Inspected

With the global economy now on the way to mending, people are once again in a position to start considering real estate or property investments or in order to buy the home you have always wanted. You might also be looking into selling one of your investment properties now that the market is recovering. You should, in either event, have a building inspection conducted before going any further. A pre purchase inspection is vital when buying a home to guard against buying someone else’s problems. Having the property you want to sell inspected helps you to fix up potential problems before the buyers see them.

Who conducts Building Inspections?

Those that actually carry out the inspections are professionals that are specially trained to look at your home from a completely objective standpoint – they will let you know whether or not you have made a good deal or a bad one. They will also look out for problems – big and small – that could need attention. They will give you a full report which may even include an appraisal of possible costs to repair. They will not only check out the cosmetic issues relating to your proposed purchase but they will also make quite an in-depth inspection of the structure itself. They tend to look for things that most people wouldn’t even really even think about looking for.

What Are Usually Included in Building Inspection?

You will usually find that your property is properly inspected for a number of issues such as pest infestation, structural defects, etc. You will be given a report at the end of the day detailing all possible issues and possible ways to fix. The inspector will usually also give their opinion as to whether or not the defects are major or minor flaws and whether or not the price you are paying is worthwhile or not.

Why Get one Done?

Well, if you are planning on purchasing a property, unless you are a property inspector yourself, there are a lot of potential problems that you could miss. Consider it a sort of insurance against paying too much for a property; buying a house with problems that you aren’t looking for and problems that could be potentially dangerous. Let’s face it, purchasing a property is a big investment and, compared to what making a poor decision could cost, the cost of a building inspection is rather minor.

So for complete peace of mind when it comes to buying a property – whether as an investment or as a home – make sure that you get a professional inspector in to look at your property.

Top Reasons to Have a Building Inspection


Building inspection is one vital move that home buyers need to consider being inking a deal with the seller. A huge amount of money is involved in purchasing real estate, so the decision to buy must have a very good basis. Building inspection is a precautionary move that will help the buyer make that very important decision.

Twinspectors provides invaluable building inspections that will satisfy the requirements of potential real estate property buyers. Here are the top reasons why every buyer should always have a building inspection conducted first.

Having a Way Out

The building inspection can reveal much information about the property that is not readily seen by simply touring the unit. If the inspection report is not to the liking of the buyer, they can back out of the agreement. By having the inspection done early on, it is never too late for the buyer to take the way out.

Loan Consideration

Building inspection is not a requirement by the financial institution. But it can help improve the chances of a home loan being approved if the property is deemed in good condition, based on the inspection report.

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is very important to ensure the safety of the people who will use the space. The safety of the building can be determined with a building inspection, which will check for any structural defects and any other potentially dangerous damage.

Negotiating Leverage

The buyer can use the building inspection report as a basis for negotiation. The potential buyer can demand that repairs be done first before signing the deal. It can also be a negotiating leverage that the buyer can use to ask for a lower price for the property.

Investment Protection

A property purchase involves big money and if the buyer is not careful enough, the investment can end up for naught. Building inspection will aid the buyer in making sure that the money will not be wasted on a property that is worth less than it should be.


The buyer should also consider the requirements of insurance companies. These companies are not likely to insure a property that is not structurally sound. A positive building inspection report will give the buyer a better chance of obtaining insurance for the property.

Building inspection is an important step in the purchase of a property. Twinspectors can provide top quality pest and building inspection to help the buyer make an important decision. To learn more about the company’s professional services, go to www.twinspectors.com.au.

Health Risks and Removal of Asbestos-Containing Materials


Asbestos, a set of silicate minerals widely used in construction, has been known to cause serious health hazards. In Australia, if a structure was built prior to the complete ban of asbestos in 2003, there is a possibility that asbestos or asbestos-containing materials are present in your property.

Why Asbestos Can Mean Danger

In the late 1980s, the use of asbestos has been gradually phased out, leading to its complete ban in 2003. The main reason of its ban is the toxicity of asbestos and the illnesses it can cause, which can be acquired by mere inhalation of asbestos particles. And because these small particles can freely move in air, anyone exposed to asbestos is at risk of developing certain diseases.


Asbestosis is the most common health condition caused by asbestos. This is an inflammatory disease affecting the lungs as a result of prolonged exposure to asbestos fibres and dust. Symptoms are not usually experienced until extended periods of inhaling asbestos particles. This means that if you live on a property where asbestos-containing materials are present, you may develop asbestosis without experiencing any symptom until several years later.


A rare type of cancer, mesothelioma affects the protective lining of the lungs, as caused by repeated inhalation of asbestos. Even with short durations of exposure to asbestos, people can develop mesothelioma at a later time. Those suffering from asbestosis may also be at a higher risk for developing mesothelioma.

How Do I Know If There Is Asbestos in My Property?

In most cases a visual inspection of your property may not be sufficient to determine the presence of asbestos-containing materials. However, it pays to be aware that homes built prior to the ban of asbestos, especially those before 1990, may contain materials with asbestos.

Our team at Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections can also assist you with examining your home and checking for asbestos-containing materials. Building materials that contain asbestos include gaskets, electrical fittings, cement sheets, floor tiles and roofing products.

Can I Remove Asbestos on My Own?

Depending on the type and amount of asbestos, a licence may be required for asbestos removal work. No licence is required for removing up to 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos materials. On the other hand, a licence is required for removal of loose asbestos of any amount and non-friable asbestos that is more than 10 square metres.

Removal of asbestos is also hazardous to your health due to exposure to asbestos particles, so it is widely suggested to have the job done by licensed professionals. And to ensure that the removal of asbestos-containing materials from your home will not put anyone’s health at risk, our technicians at Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspectionsuse only high-quality equipment and safe removal techniques.



Protecting Your Home From Rat Invasion

According to recent reports, rodents are currently on the loose in major cities of Australia, including Brisbane. The sightings include both communal areas and private residences. In fact, at Twinspectors, we continue to receive more and more inquiries from our clients who are getting concerned that rats may have trespassed into their properties. And for a number of these residents, we have found that they were indeed sharing their homes with rodents.

Keep Them Out the Door

Many property owners, however, may not be aware that it isn’t just the increase in rat population that makes their home vulnerable to invasion. Rather, they may be unknowingly luring the rats into their houses.

Rodents are always on the lookout for food, water and shelter. But while they can easily rummage through the rubbish bin outdoors for leftovers, they may still keep coming back to your home for the comfort they get in your roof voids. Although, that’s not to say that food left scattered in your kitchen will not be as attractive to them.

One of the best ways to avoid rats from invading your property is to not give them a reason to come and stay. Leftovers should not be left lying around and stored food should be kept in sealed containers. Leaking water pipes must also be repaired as a constant water supply is very inviting to rats.

Another thing you’d want to consider are the access points that rats are most likely to use to enter your home. Are there any openings on the roof or ceiling? Are the spaces around your doors or windows big enough to fit even a small rodent? The entry points, however, can be difficult to find unless a thorough inspection of the property is done. This is why our team at Twinspectors recommend that owners have their homes inspected regularly.

Check For Signs

If you’re wandering around the park in the evenings, you might be one of those people who has reportedly seen rats running out and about – and this is probably one way to tell that there are rat infestations in the area. But how about in your home? How do you know if rats are already taking residence, when they might even be hiding from you most of the time?

Here are things you might find that will tell you that you are housing some rats:

Droppings and urine;

Footprints or tail swipes that might be left on dusty surfaces;

Chew marks on furniture and other wooden house items, as well as cables;

Pieces of paper or books that have been chewed on.

Getting Rid of Rats

If you suspect that your home is about to become a nest of rats, you should have your property investigated immediately. This will prevent infestations from becoming difficult to control. Even if there are no signs of infestation, an inspection will help secure your place to avoid rodents from paying you a visit.