Why Homeowners Need to Have Annual Inspections Done on Their Property


If you are buying or selling a house, one of the things you need to do is to have the property inspected to see if there are major problems not easily seen with a tour of the house. But if you are a homeowner, and especially if you are treating your home as an investment, an inspection should not only be done at the time prior to the sale or purchase of the house.

Preventing Damage

Just like a pre-sale or pre-purchase building inspection, annual building and pest inspection can provide you with valuable information about the condition of the property. If you mean to keep your property in the hope of eventually selling it, you will need to take care of it the best way you can. Getting building inspection every year will help you keep the building in tip-top condition.

Even if it is not your intention to sell the property in the future, an annual inspection will still be a practical commitment. With proper inspection of the property, you will be able to prevent any damage that could endanger the stability of the foundation or the walls. If you leave the property uninspected for years, you may end up with damage due to termite infestation that is not readily seen with the naked eye. Such type of damage will only reveal itself once it is at an advanced stage, in which case, it will be very expensive to repair. In some instances, you may have to replace foundation or structural parts of the home because of the damage.

Why Get Building and Pest Inspection

Our building and pest inspection specialists at Twinspectors can help you maintain your home’s good condition through our annual inspection services. You can choose from annual building inspection, annual pest inspection, or the more comprehensive annual building and pest inspection service package.

Our annual building inspection service at Twinspectors will take a thorough look into every area of the house to check for structural defects or damage to the roof or the foundation. Pest inspection is another important annual check that you need to avail, especially if your house uses wooden parts. Your house may be vulnerable to termite attacks. Even if termite traps and control measures have already been put in place, there is still that danger that some termites may find a way into the property. Getting an annual inspection is the best solution to ensure that this does not happen.

For your peace of mind, the best option will be to get an annual building and pest inspection service to protect against physical damage and damage due to infestation.