Calamvale is known to be the most populated suburb with an estimated population of almost 20,000 to date.  It is 18 kilometres from the Central Business District of Brisbane and it is close to the famous Karawatha Forest.  The name of this residential suburb was taken from the early settler and landowner, James Calam.  The family homestead was built on top of a hill on Calam Road which is near the Beaudesert Road.

Its name was officially listed as a suburb in the year 1972 only however it was long known to be ‘Calamvale’ to many people already even before this.  When the Calams sold its property to another family (the McGuire), the Calamvale Hotel was built on their land.  This suburb belongs to the federal electorate of Rankin.   


Population: Calamvale has a recorded population of 15,291 in totality as per the 2011 census.  Females were recorded to be about 50.9% of its population while the remaining 49.1% were males.  Its median age was 31 years old which is actually younger than the average Australian by 6 years.  

Lifestyles and People:

  • Older Couples and Families – 19.3%
  • Independent Youth – 18.3%
  • Established Couples and Families – 14.8%
  • Maturing Couples and Families – 12.2%
  • Maturing and Established Independence – 10.5%

Income ($/weekly): On a weekly basis, the median income of an individual living in Calamvale is estimated to be $629.  The household on the one hand is estimated to be with a total average earning of $1,605 a week.  

Employment Profile: Calamvale comes with an unemployment rate of 6.7%.  Of the total employed residents of this suburb, full time workers comprise the 61.1% while those with part-time employment comprise the 26.9%.  


  • Bus – It is easy to go around Calamvale by means of bus.  Routes are made available (9 bus routes) for you by the Brisbane Transport and Park Ridge Transit.  This suburb belongs to the Zone 5 of the zoning scheme of TransLink.
  • Others – Calamvale is without a train station of its own however, it is only 5 minutes away from the stations in Altandi and Runcorn.  If you need to reach Brisbane’s CBD it would only take you 30-45 minutes on board a train from either Runcorn or Altandi railway stations.  Driving your own private vehicle is also a good way to get to the CBD as it would only take you 30 minutes to get there especially come the off-peak hours.  


The suburb of Calamvale offers education for its residents through the Calamvale Community College, Stretton State College and Calamvale Special School.  The Calamvale Community College opened in 2002 and it combines primary and secondary education.  Calamvale Special School is, as the name suggests, an educational institution intended to address the needs of special kids from prep to year 12.  Preparatory education up to year 10 students can also choose to go to Stretton State College as this also provides quality education for those living around the area of Calamvale.  

Clubs and Sports

This suburb is home to the Calamvale Leopards – their local Australian Football League team.  Those interested will find the Calamvale Leopards JAFL at Beaudesert Road where fun is provided for the family who loves to play.  There can be unlimited interaction for your kids (both boys and girls) under 6 up to under 16.  If your kids are under 15 and 18, you can also expect several field activities in line with their interest to play.