Part of the group of Eastern suburbs is the rural-suburb that is about 18 kilometres from the Central Business District of Brisbane – Burbank.  The eastern boundary of this suburb is Tingalpa Creek which alse serves as the boundary between Brisbane and the Redland councils.  It was probably because of this that this area was known as Upper Tingalpa until about 1976.  

Its name was taken from the surveyor, Alfred Burbank who settled into this area in the year 1890.  This suburb belongs to the federal electorate of Bonner.  Alfred Burbank was Tingalpa divisional board chairperson and it was on his land that a Methodist church as well as a school has been built.  An extensive supply of timber has remained visible as proof of what used to be the the life in the area of Burbank – timber-cutting along with farming and dairying.


: Burbank has a total population of 1,137 back in 2011 according to the census conducted.  Females comprise the 50.9% while the remaining 49.1% are males. This suburb has a median or average age of 44 years old.  

Lifestyles and People (Top 5):

  • Older Couples & Families – 32.6%
  • Established Couples & Families – 16.1%
  • Elderly Families – 13.8%
  • Elderly Couples – 7.3%
  • Maturing Couples & Families – 7.0%

Income ($/weekly): Median income of an average individual in Burbank is about $701 on a weekly basis.  For an average household in Burbank, the median income is $1,883 per week.  

Employment Profile: Of those who are above 15 years old and who identify themselves as part of the labour force in Burbank, 57.0% hold full time employment while the other 33.1% work as part time employees.  Burbank has an unemployment rate of about 3.2% back in 2011.  


  • Bus – There is but very limited access to transportation for people in Burbank.  Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that even the shops around this area is almost non-existing.  Data shows that only about 1% of the populace of this suburb access public transportation (bus).
  • Others – Majority of the people living in Burbank turn to the option of driving their personal and private vehicles in order to address the very minimal chance at getting around on public transport.  In taking transportation to work, they even rate higher as compared to those living in Brisbane CBD.  


There is no local state school found in Burbank however, Sinai College opened in 1990 to offer educational option for residents.  This is a Jewish co-educational P-7 School.  A good option for school for kids in Burbank is also the Mount Petrie State School located at McKenzie.  It is the closest public primary school.  There are also those who opt to go to Mansfield State High School as well as the Redeemer Lutheran College found in Rochedale if they need to pursue secondary education.  

Clubs and Sports

It is estimated that about half of the total area of Burbank is occupied by the Tingalpa Reservoir as well as a bushland reserve or conservation park making it famous for being home to large population of Australian mammals.  This being stated, Burbank is not your usual urban area with shops and amenities for much sports and clubs.  Here you will find, though, a couple of working and hobby farms as well as a few palm nurseries.  Burbank also has its share of churches and temples.