Building And Pest Inspections Sure Way To Control Termites

Finding a termite infestation inside the family home is not only a financially draining experience but also an emotional one. Anyone who has been through this will confirm that, long after the termites are gone and the damage repaired, there are lingering doubts that perhaps there were some left behind that have formed another nest and are, at that very moment, again chewing through the supporting beams of the roof. Termite victims report that this fear is always at the back of the mind, and otherwise common place events such as a high wind that causes creaking sounds, especially in timber, are interpreted as a second visit by the termites.

Building owners can keep property safe from termites with a regular maintenance routine. However, nothing can take the place of an inspection by professional pest management specialists. When building owners are looking to engage someone for Building and Pest inspections Brisbane has experienced professionals ready to respond to the call.

Building owners who cut costs by performing the inspections themselves often find that the cost to repair termite damage far outweighs any initial savings. Professional inspectors also have technologies available such as thermal imagery which the average building owner doesn’t have.

Garden beds constructed directly against outside walls invite termites. To further compound the problem, some gardeners lay down black plastic under the garden bed to control weeds. This forms an underground passageway for termites, away from sunlight and prying eyes. Their tell-tale, pale salmon coloured pipelines are hidden by the plastic, giving them easy access.

Termite colonies love to set up camp in old timber such as fence posts, tree stumps, old felled timber or piles of wood untouched and hidden in long grass. This gives them food and shelter, and a base to establish other colonies nearby. All unwanted timber should be disposed of, and other timber stored properly in a shed.

New additions to an established building must have a termite barrier put down before construction begins. These types of structures, especially concrete beside timber, break any existing termite barriers, so new physical or chemical barriers must be included as part of the construction.

Should the worst happen and a termite infestation be found, it should be left untouched, and experts called. When the nest is disturbed the termites immediately leave making it difficult for pest inspectors to find them again. To get a building and pest inspection in Brisbane, building owners need to source professional inspectors.

For a building owner, termite infestations are distressing and financially draining, and any action taken should be done very quickly, to minimise damage. However, it is best to rely on experts, as do-it-yourself inspections are often a short-term gain, long-term pain proposition.