Building and Pest Inspections: Asbestos

yellow tape on a chicken wire that says ASBESTOS DUST HAZARD

Building and pest inspections involve a number of things to ensure that the building is safe for living and free from hazards. A great health hazard that is often posed in any building structure is that of asbestos. If the particles become airborne and are inhaled, these can lead to various health problems, such as lung cancer. All those involved in working to remove asbestos need to know how to do this in a safe manner. Basic information about asbestos, and the required health and safety standards should be studied carefully.

Asbestos used in buildings is of two types: friable or loose asbestos and bonded or non-friable asbestos. Friable asbestos is more commonly used in ceilings, tiles, plasters and pipe and boiler insulation. The fibres of these become airborne through sweeping, dusting and use of vacuum cleaners. Bonded asbestos has a hardening agent and is commonly used in asphalt roofing shingles, vinyl asbestos floor tiles and electrical switchboards. Licenses are required to remove asbestos from buildings. It is to be remembered that asbestos that is properly sealed inside walls and is untampered, is completely safe. It becomes dangerous only when chipped or broken. If this is detected, immediate action becomes a necessity.

When working with asbestos, playing it safe is very important. All asbestos material that has been removed should neither be stored nor reused. Asbestos waste should not be disposed of in any normal rubbish bin. Dumping asbestos in the environment could lead to fines and penalties.

Whenever a building is purchased, whether newly constructed or an old one, it is a good idea to have a complete and thorough building inspection done. There are various things that can be found during inspection that might be of use to the new occupants. These include construction faults, plumbing issues, guttering problems, roofing and at times, asbestos hazards. Before going ahead with the removal, building inspectors can arrange to have the samples checked to make sure it is actually asbestos they are dealing with. In case, traces of asbestos are found inside homes, these should be removed as quickly as possible. For this, only experienced and professional services must be hired as these people are more aware of the hazards of asbestos and can deal with this in a more appropriate manner.

Any building and pest inspection is incomplete without inspections regarding asbestos. Well informed company professionals use the more appropriate methods and techniques for effective removal of asbestos.