One of the Brisbane suburbs that give you the feel of the peace and quiet of the countryside life is Brookfield.  It is approximately 13 kilometres if you go west of the Central Business District (CBD) of Brisbane.  Brookfield consists primarily of acreage properties which makes it largely rural, however is also considered residential because amidst its number of farms, residential properties are in abundance.

The suburb of Brookfield was, in the olden days, well forested which is why it was a timber-felling area.  In the 1850s, logs from this area used to be rafted down Moggill Creek towards the Brisbane River and today the Rafting Ground Reserve exists to become a reminder of this early industry.  One of the early settlers in this area, Lucinda Brindlecombe suggested the name of this suburb.   


Population: Brookfield has a total population of 3,702 as per the conducted census back in 2011.  If the populace was to be divided according to gender, 50.1% would be females and the remaining 49.9% would be males.  44 years old is the median or average age of its residents as per the said census.  

Lifestyles and People:

  • Older Couples & Families30.6%
  • Established Couples & Families30.6%
  • Elderly Families12.8%
  • Maturing Couples and Families – 6.2%
  • Older Independence4.7%

Income ($/weekly): In 2011, any individual living in this suburb has a likely median income of $783 in a week.  While a household comes with a total median income of $2,683 each week.  

Employment Profile: The suburb of Brookfield has an unemployment rate of 3.7% as reflected by the 2011 census.  Those who are considered part of the labour force of Brookfield are broken down into their type of employment resulting to 56.2% employed full time and 35.7% employed part time.  


  • Bus – Bus routes to serve the commuting public in this particular suburb is highly visible with several areas covered by its stops.  Bus route 435 serves the suburbs of Brookfield along with Kenmore, Indooroopilly and Chapel Hill.  Stops in Brookfield, to name a few, includes Gold Creek Road (Brookfield Village), Winrock Street and Boscombe Road.   
  • Others – Residents can choose to drive around the suburb using their private vehicles as it is not too big a place to discover even for tourists.  A PPT (Personalised Public Transport) as operated by the TransLink Services can also reach some areas of Brookfield since part of its list of covered suburbs is the neighbouring Upper Brookfield.   


Families can conveniently send their children to school because the suburb of Brookfield has a school of its own – Brookfield State School.  Teaching students in years 1-6 and accepting even preschoolers, this institution has for so long been opening its door to those eager to acquire quality learning.  Neighbouring suburbs also offers access to their schools like Kenmore State School, Kenmore South State School, Upper Brookfield State School and Our Lady of The Rosary School.  

Clubs and Sports

Staying active when living or staying in Brookfield is no issue with amenities to cater your need to be ‘outdoors’.  Lakes, creeks and parks in Brookfield prove to be great spots for strolls and walks.  Some outdoor play could also be possible.  Skating rinks can be found in Brookfield Park.  Neighbouring suburb Kenmore also offers access to gyms and fitness centres.