Bowen Hills

Bowen Hills

When you speak of the suburb of Bowen Hills, it is likely to remind you of Queensland’s first Governor, Sir George Ferguson Bowen, by which this place was named after.  It is located about three kilometres north from the Central Business District of Brisbane.  The area of Bowen Hills was home to the indigenous Turrbal people ages ago giving it the name Barrambin.  The settlement of Europeans after that gave it the name of ‘York’s Hollow’ as it was almost all bush and became a great fighting ground for the blacks, as they would say it.

Bowen Hills to date provides good home for many residents as a number of residential apartment complexes came to rise from the year 2010.  It is a thriving and healthy community with every need just within the reach of the residents.  


Population: The total population of the suburb of Bowen Hills as per the census conducted in 2011 is about 1,744.  There are 43.2% females and 56.8% males of these recorded residents.  Its median age is about 6 years below that of the Australian median which is 31 years old.

Lifestyles and People:

  • Independent Youth – 38.6%
  • Maturing & Established Independence – 24.8%
  • Older Independence – 11.9%
  • Elderly Singles – 8.1%
  • Maturing Couples and Families – 5.4%

Income ($/weekly): An individual living in Bowen Hills has a total median income of $791 per week.  The suburb’s total household median income per week is $1,458.

Employment Profile: Residents in Bowen Hills who identify themselves as part of the workforce have been divided according to their employment as per the 2011 census.  It was found that 69.7% are employed full time while the other 21.2% hold part time jobs.  The unemployment rate of this suburb is 5.4%.  


  • Train – The suburb of Bowen Hills has a train station considered to be one of the busiest in all of Queensland where services in the Queensland Rail City network is available in all forms, express trains included.  Several of the stops take place in Bowen Hills especially during peak periods.
  • Others – There are several other means of access through Bowen Hills with the Clem Jones Tunnel, Airport Link Tunnel and Inner City Bypass in existence.  Entry and exit in this suburb is made possible with the interconnections as per the TransApex infrastructure plans of Brisbane.


Bowen Hills is well known for its state school – the Bowen State High School which is an outstanding learning institution for its residents seeking development.  It is a well-established institution with five decades committed to the attainment of high level educational excellence written in its history.  In 2015, Bowen State High School was recognised as one of the regional winners for excellence in education given by the Queensland Government.  

Clubs and Sports

Residents in Bowen Hills take pride of its sporting ground which is the Perry Park Stadium.  It is home to the Brisbane Strikers Football Club playing in the National Premiers League of Queensland.  Perry Park Stadium is mostly being utilised by lovers of the sport, soccer.