Benefits of Building and Pest Inspections

You need to know whether or not there are structural defects or there are pests in your home or the house or property you are about to purchase. A thorough building and pest inspection must be carried out to discover potential problems in a property that may cost you plenty in the future. Inspectors check out all accessible areas of a home or property to identify defects, or lack of them.

The inspection is conducted by experienced and licensed building inspectors. Generally, the inspectors assess or examine the property’s ceilings, roofing space, rain gutters, subflooring, doors, plumbing, windows, wiring and more. The report provided by the building inspector basically contains elements of the house that do not meet building laws and codes.

Why a Building and Pest Inspection is Essential for Buyers

You will spend a huge amount of money on purchasing a home. You definitely want to make sure your purchase is money well spent. Asking for a pre-purchase building and pest inspection report from the buyer or commissioning your own inspection will provide the information you will need to make a well-informed decision regarding the purchase of the property. The inspection report will highlight defects in the home and this will give you the leverage in negotiating with the buyer for a better price for the home. There will be no surprises for you if you know beforehand the defects and strengths of the home you are purchasing.

Why a Building and Pest Inspection is Essential for Sellers

For sellers, commissioning a building and pest inspection will most likely allow for a quick, no-hassle sale of the property. It is because it shows that the buyer is being upfront and transparent about the whole transaction. It also helps the buyer make a quick decision using the information contained in the building and inspection report.

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection allows the buyer to come up with a realistic price for the property being sold. Discovering defects in the property before putting it on the market allows the buyer to make the necessary repairs. A property that is in good condition does not give prospective buyers room to manoeuvre with regard to lowering the value of the property.

Hiring a Building and Pest Inspector

Make sure to use a licensed and qualified inspector. Inspectors with extensive experience in the field will most likely be thorough and will be able to discover any problems in the home or property you are selling or trying to purchase. For more details about building and pest inspections for homes, click here.